Katha from Tamra Keaw SaraPadNeuk

(Esoteric textbook of Luang Phor Guay, for the granting of wishes)

Luang Phor Guay, Wat Kositaram


Luang Phor Guay from Wat Kositaram, his Yant Kru and katha

Luang Phor Guay from Wat Kositaram, his Yant Kru and katha


Before invoking this katha, you should first be fully proficient with the KathaWai Kru. You should offer flowers, 3 sticks of incense, and 1 pair of candles before the Buddha. Bear in mind the virtues of the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha, as well as Luang PhorGuay, and recite the kathabelow.


Katha Wai Kru

(“Paying respects to the Teacher”)

Namo Tassa pakawato Arahato Sammasamputtasa  – Recite 3x

Ta mung thung

Pa ga sen to

Sut tha a ha
Ei ma a vi

Ta u a mi

Ma sa na mo


This Katha is meant to show respect for teachers from the lineage of Luang Phor Guay, Phra Phrom

, and all the teachers in charge of wicha, requesting them to come to your assistance, and bestow upon you the mental proficiency to comprehend and commit katha to memory, as well as utilise the katha effectively.

After reciting the katha, bow 3 times, with your head touching the floor.

Users are reminded to ensure that they are fully proficient with the Katha Wai Kru first, and able to recite it flawlessly, before proceeding to use other katha from the Tamra

. Users are also advised to attend the Wai Kruceremony of Luang Phor Guay in Thailand.


Katha Kan Sunak Kad

(To prevent dog bites)

Na mo put ta ya

Na ma a au

Ei sa wa su

Au a ma


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