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Short Version Katha Khanha for one item

Short Version Katha Khanha for one item

Performing Khanha is essential whenever a person brings a consecrated amulet/bucha home for the first time. It serves as a respectful request for the blessings of the forces of the Universe, and the kindness of Buddhists teachers, saints and deities. The process described here may be used if the user has only one specific amulet to Khanha. It is a much simpler ceremony and recitation, compared to the one required for multiple amulets/bucha.

Items to Prepare

1) 5 white candles
2) Jasmine flowers
3) 24 baht (or the equivalent in your currency)
4) 16 sticks of unlit incense
5) The amulet you are performing Khanha for
Place all the items on a tray.

Pic: Example of the above items on a tray
(Picture References: Anatta_Tan/

Proceed to light 2 candles (you may use either yellow or white candles) and 3 sticks of incense. Pray and recite the katha below.


Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Sammasamputtasa – 3x
Kah deh Luang Pu Thuad (the word in italics should be replaced by the name of the amulet that you wish to perform Khanha for, for example, Phra Kring, U-Ting, Somdej etc)
Kah pah jow chi (state your name here)
Nam sa goon (state your family name here)
Wan dern pee gerd (state your birthday)
Walah tok fak (and your time of birth)
Ah sai yoo barn lek tee (state your address)
Look dai nam wathu mongkhon khong (reiterate the name of the type of amulet you are performing Khanha for here)
Ma bucha ma hoi khor per pen ming kwan ming mongkhon nai cheewit
Khor hai (name of the amulet), chuay wood noon come choo duang cha tah garn ngan garn ngern leh song serm hai look charoen roong rueng klaew klard plod pai kid ngern dai ngern kid thong dai thong pradsajark roak pai antarai dai dai pad bpow khun sai saniat janrai took sok rok pai duai terd.

(Translation for this katha: To inform both the holy amulet as well as the monk/ajarn who consecrated it, of its new owner’s name, birthdate and place of residence. The user then states his intent to revere the amulet and its powers, seeking its blessings and protection wherever it accompanies him. The blessings sought may include divine intervention or assistance with careers, income, health or safety and protection from evil. The user requests these blessings, to ensure a peaceful and happy life.)

After completing the prayers, make a wish, according to what the amulet is made for (e.g. if the amulet is consecrated for purposes of attracting wealth, ask for wealth). Allow the incense and candles to burn out. Donate the money from the offerings tray. Finally, perform an Utid Suan-guson (refer to the article on Utid Suan-guson) for the amulet, as well as the maker of the amulet.


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