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Katha for Phayant, Phra Kring and Takrut Jakkapat Narai, Luang Phor Kalong, Wat Khao Leam

Katha for Phayant, Phra Kring and Takrut Jakkapat Narai, Luang Phor Kalong, Wat Khao Leam


Katha for Worship

(This katha is applicable for Takrut, Phra Kring and Phayant Jakkaphat from Luang Phor Kalong)

Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Samma sammphutassa (3 Times)

(Concentrate and think of the Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Teacher, and Luang Phor Kalong when chanting)

Katha (3 Times)

Itipiso wisay say Ei, Ei say say putta namay Ei
Ei may na, Putta Tang So Ei
Ei so tang, Putta Piti Ei
Ei sar wah su, su sar wah Ei
Namo puttaya, phra putta, dtai rattanayan
Manee nopparad, sri sa hassa
Su tumma, putto thammo, sangko
Yattha put mo na, putta bucha, thamma bucha, sangka bucha
Ak kee tanang, wa rang kan tang, sivali, ja maha therang
A hang wan thami, tu ratoh, a hang wantami, tha tu yo
A hang wantami, sappaso, putta thamma, sangka poocheymi

The wicha and katha above draw power from the Buddha, and it is important for users to keep the vital Buddhist precepts in order for the wicha to work. When done right, it is said that your life will improve, business will flourish, you will remain protected from accidents and untoward circumstances, good luck will be abundant, and bad luck will be negated

Method of Worship

To wish for success, overall fortune or to pray for favours – place the Takrut or Phra Kring inside a glass of water, and light 3 incense sticks and 1 candle. Concentrate, and recite the Katha Bucha Phra Puttakoon, Phra Tammakoon and Phra Sangkakoon below:

Katha Bucha Phra Puttakoon

Itipiso pakawa arahang sammasamputto
Wicha jarana sampanno
Sukhato logavitu

Katha Bucha Phra Tammakoon

Sawakatoh pakawatah thammo
Santi thi ko
A kaliko ae hi passiko
O pana yiko
Pad jad tang wey thi tap po
Win you hi ti

Katha Bucha Phra Sangkakoon

Supatipanno pakawatoh
Sawaka sangkho
U shu patipanno
Sawaka sangkho
Yahya patipanno
Pakawatoh sawaka sangkho
Samee ji patipanno
Pakawatoh sawakasangkho
Ya ti tang, jad tah ri
Buri sa yu kha ni adta burisa bukala Ae sa
Pakawatoh sawaka sangkho
A hu noey yo
Pa hu noey yo
Taki noey yo
Anchali karaniyo
Poon ya ketang

The amulets are purported to have 108 types of blessings and protective properties, and the ability to fulfill most wishes. Of particular note, is its ability to assist its owners with winning the lottery. Place your hands together and bring your lottery tickets together with the Phra Kring or Takrut, then recite the katha, and wish for luck.

Refer to our article on Wicha Jakkapat Narai by Luang Phor Kalong to find out more details.

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