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Katha for Parodkror, Kruba Sri Sujitto of Samnak PattibatTam Barn Sob Gong

Katha for Parodkror, Kruba Sri Sujitto of Samnak PattibatTam Barn Sob Gong

Pic: Kruba Sri


Pic: Parodkror 1st and 2nd batch


This katha contains a summary for the methods of usage and spells required for the different batches of Parodkror

consecrated by Kruba Sri. For the full article, read here.


According to Kruba Sri

, Parodkror will ring to warn you of impending danger or calamity. To use them, they should be placed on your table, worshipped on your altar, or be worn on your body, above waist level. A Parodkror brings these benefits:


1. Metta

2. Mahaniyom
3. The poor will become rich
4. The unfortunate and downtrodden will see their fortunes lifted
5. If they so wish, the unmarried will find a loving partner.
6. Couples who experience difficulty conceiving, will be blessed with children.
7. Reconciliation of marital conflicts
8. The ignorant will become wise
9. The unworthy will become worthy and gain the support of others
10. Placing a Parodkror on your company’s marquee will ensure its success. If you place the Parodkror under the Buddha’s statue, you will experience good luck and be surrounded by people who will help and support you.
11. For businesses experiencing difficulties, the Parodkror will turn the business around. Just place the Parodkror on the company’s signboard or on the premises, worship it, and witness your fortunes improve.


Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Sammasamputtasa – 3x
Then recite the Botsuad Phra Puttakoon

, Botsuad Phra Thammakoon
, Botsuad Phra Sangkakoon
(refer to our article on this).
Then recite:
Tousa mani ni ma satu
Sa ma ni tu

Credits: Information researched from Kruba Sri’s temple website on Facebook;

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