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Katha for Mah Leng Pu (Phaya Mah Leng Pu Kam), an ancient form of amulet from Tai Yai, Burma (Shaped like a Carpenter Bee)

Katha for Mah Leng Pu (Phaya Mah Leng Pu Kam), an ancient form of amulet from Tai Yai, Burma (Shaped like a Carpenter Bee)

This article contains a brief summary of the methods and spells required to use the Mah Leng Pu

(Carpenter Bee) amulet.


For the full article on the history, consecration methods and materials involved, kindly read our other article on Mah Leng Pu


Pic: Mah Leng Pu amulet made of ivory


People believe that Mah Leng Pu amulets have the following protective abilities:
1. Metta Mahasaneh,

2. Bringing good luck and business success
3. Protection from danger
4. Counteracting black magic
5. Keeping robbers away
6. Protecting children from being hurt
7. Deflecting hurt back upon your enemies
8. Granting of wishes


Pic: Mah Leng Pu made of Mai Pradoo Daeng

Katha Mah Leng Pu Kam

Ohm Phaya Mah Leng Pu Kam

Ngam luer lonn porta

Nai loka loktai ngern kum dai lai nong


Tangkhaw khong gu bpong luerlon Hue pa gunn konn kon ma manusa lok lar

Joompu paa gun hoom fai rak leng doo tontuah gu phaya mah leng pu kam


Kan gu sawad mon gumdai pai yoonai gor bordai herr gai gerdpen

Ngaowbai ma gomhua karb wai nop yam gu


Ohm Phraya Mah Leng Pu Kam

Binnsa suuu yoo bon wehon kon tanglai tang rumruer ton gu teh nerr

Tang pragan pamperr faiha gu tang moo chaophraya praifah

Tang sena klar ammaj tang moo phracharaj chao mueng


Tang nunnerng saesorn rakking kon ha gu paganma jomjoo yooklai

Ma pen kar chai ton goo tid gu Phaya Mah Leng Pu Kam taener maner err rak omsawahomtid


(Note: unable to translate the meaning of the katha

as it is in Northern Thai language)

This spell asks the Mah Leng Pu to bring blessings upon your life, and invites all the deities to assist you.

How to use Mah Leng Pu

1) If you build a new residence, cover Mah Leng Pu with red and white cloth, and tie them at all 4 corner pillars of the house. Worship them with white flowers every 15 days, while asking them to guard your residence from harm.

2) Whenever you travel abroad for business, worship Mah Leng Pu with incense or fragrance, and recite prayers. Recite the katha to Mah Leng Pu 7 times, and repeat this sentence, “Please protect me and help me achieve success in business”, 3 times.

3) If you have a shop, place Mah Leng Pu on a plate, and make an offering of white flowers and a small cup of honey on the same plate. Tell him; “Today I offer sweet honey, please accept my humble offering and eat your fill. Please bring wealth to me”. Following which, place the Mah Leng Pu into water, recite the katha one time, and spray the water throughout your shop and on your products. Place the Mah Leng Pu back onto the plate after the process. Offer fresh honey every day.


Pic: Offering of white flowers and honey for Mah Leng Pu


4) When travelling to a jungle or forest, recite the katha 3 times, then shake the Mah Leng Pu, and repeat the following; “kaipayamee peeyamaglaituakah sawaha sawahaiya dern tang bpai terd pai mai mee kaipa gor mai pen lae”. This Thai incancation (mixed with katha) translates as “Jungle fever (Malaria) don’t come to me, evil spirits stay away from me, and wherever I travel in the jungle, I will be safe until I reach my destination.”

5) If you want to hit on a woman/man, you recite the katha beforehand. Upon reaching the last line of the katha; “Ma pen kar chai ton gu tid gu Phaya Mah Leng Pu Kam taener maner…

For using it on a girl, recite “Er Ee (recite girl’s name) rak goo om sa wa hoom tid tid”
For using it on a man, recite “Er Ay (recite man’s name) rak goo om sa wa hoom tid tid”

6) Soak Mah Leng Pu with clean water, recite the katha 3 times, and say; “Nam nee tok bon paen din dai kor phor jao pra Mah Leng Pu kam Pu pen yai jong raksa anah ket den nan turd sadrai yah kao dai kon rai ya kao dai pai rai mon dum tan tum mah ya kao dai gan ner phor gan toy tee tehk pai took pragan na phor na. Sappa chaiya na gan na, gan na, gan ni, gan nee, gan nu, gan noo, gan neh, gan neoi, gan noo, gan nang, gan na sawahatek”

This incantation translates as “Mah Leng Pu, wheever this water lands, please protect that area from any harmful beasts, intruders or evil and black magic. Please keep them out.”

7) To increase your personal might, recite the katha 7 times. Close your eyes and imagine there are 2 Mah Leng Pu beside you, one on the left and the other on the right. Make a sound similar to a buzzing insect 3 times. In your mind, request that Mah Leng Pu follow you wherever you, go bestow upon you the power to accomplish whatever you want.

8) If you want to be popular, you must keep the Mah Leng Pu on your person, recite the katha 3 times, and blow onto both your palms. Sweep your hands upwards across your face 3 times. You will find yourself resplendent with grandeur.

9) If you are cursed with black magic, soak the Mah Leng Pu in clean water, then recite the katha and seek help from the Deva. The water will become consecrated. You must drink it, and take a shower in it, which will purge the curse.


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