Luang Phor SriOng Chaya Siri

Wat BanPotSathit, Changwat Lampang

Luang Phor SriOng was born on the 11th of Jan, B.E.2454. His name was SriOng, and his family’s name was ChaiSri. His father’s name was Nai Jon ChaiSri

, a civil servant working in the department in charge of Royal Forest Preservation. His mother’s name was Nang BuPan
, and she was an officer in the government, working in Changwat ChiangRai. Their family name was CheuaJedTon.

Luang Phor SriOng

Luang Phor SriOng


SriOng ordained as a Sammanen

on 10th Dec B.E. 2468 at Wat PhraSingh, Changwat ChiangRai

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