Luang Phor Sai

Wat NamWiJit Takien Ram 

Luang Phor Sai’s family name was Boottakien

, and his given name was “Sai”. Luang Phor Sai
was born in B.E. 2483, 12th Sept, on the waxing moon, in Tambon Takien Ram
, located in Ampur Phu Singh
, Changwat Srisaket
. Luang Phor Sai’s father’s name is Prom Boottakien
, and his mother’s is Wadd Boottakien
. Luang Phor Sai has an elder sister name Sida Boottakien

Luang Phor Sai came from a family of farmers. Although poor, he was always kind and helpful, never refusing to offer aid whenever it was needed, and sharing whatever he could afford with others. Luang Phor Sai had been interested in Buddhism from a young age, and when he turned 17, he requested permission from his parents to be ordained as a monk.

Luang Phor Sai remained a Sammanen

till the age of 20, when he became a Phra Song
and was christened Parmoak Kho
. Luang Phor Sai studied the Dhamma
extensively and practised meditation. Luang Phor Sai is a skilled meditator even underwent a significant amount of Tudong
(Austere Practices). During his Tudong practice, Luang Phor Sai travelled far and wide, passing mountains in Kumpucha
(Cambodia) where he met a lot of Monks and Ajarn well-versed in Wicha. One of the monks was Luang Phor Yam
, who taught Luang Phor Sai the katha for Metta Mahasaneh
and Kar Kai
. Phra Ajarn Phrom
taught Luang Phor Sai how to make holy water, and Luang Phor Kood
, Vipassana
and the selection of materials for amulets. On one occasion, Luang Phor Sai even met a Lersi
, who encouraged him to practice Tudong further.


Luang Phor Sai Wat Nam Wijit

Luang Phor Sai, Wat NamWijit

After picking up an array of skills from various masters, Luang Phor Sai ventured alone in the jungles of Cambodia to hone his skills through Tudong. Tudong practice is always dangerous, fraught with an onslaught of ghosts and demons who challenged Luang Phor Sai, but he always emerged victoriously. Luang Phor Sai practised in the jungle for a long time, and that was where he met Lersi, Chee Pakhao

and a succession of other monks. In separate occasions, they exchanged knowledge and Wicha for the betterment of their practices. Luang Phor Sai for instance, learnt Wicha Sek InnThong
, Masiapnang
, Chang Phasom Klong
, Mae Pur
, Wicha Takua Porh
(An esoteric and little-known form of Cambodian magic), Wicha Riak Jit Pood
(a Wicha allowing users to summon the confused spirit of a newly-dead or comatose individual back to a house, within 7 days ), Wicha Sek Guman Thong, Wicha Sek Nang Mao
, Wicha Sek Khun Paen Mahasaneh
, Wicha Sek Bia Gae
, Mark Tui
and many more.

  After many years of Tudong travels, Luang Phor Sai had returned to his hometown at Takien Ram where he has resided at Wat Namwijit till present day.

Wicha Sek Nang Mao, made into an amulet, (middle) Wicha Mae Pur, made into an amulet, Mark Tui

(left) Wicha Sek Nang Mao, made into an amulet, (middle) Wicha Mae Pur, made into an amulet, (right) Mark Tui (Picture References: joker_puyin/


A Masiapnang amulet, BiaGae

(left) A Masiapnang amulet (Picture Reference: Intachan Studio/, (right) BiaGae (Picture References: superyoon/

Note: These amulets are for illustrative purposes only and not made by Luang Phor Sai


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