Luang Phor Pian Akkathammo
(Phra Kru WimonSomnawat)

Wat Kroen Ka Thin


Luang Phor Pian was born on 5th of February, Sunday, in the year of the Cow, B.E. 2470. His full Dhamma name is Luang Phor Pian Akkathammo (Phra Kru WimonSomnawat). He was born to a family of farmers and was the 2nd child in a family of 7 children (3 brothers and 3 sisters). His father’s name is Ter, and his mother’s name is Lek

, and his family name is Yodwan
. He was born in Barn Kroen ka Thin
, Tambon Ban Chee
, Ampur Barn Mee
, Changwat Lopburi

He studied at Wat Thong Khung

school until he turned 9 when he had to quit to help his parents with farming. At the age of 20, he wanted to be ordained as a monk in order to transfer merit to his parents, a common Thai belief. He was ordained at Wat Kamphaeng
, and disrobed after a year, as he had to serve in the army for two years.


After leaving the army, he married and had 5 children.


When he was 30, Luang Phor felt dissatisfied with his life and yearned to be a monk again. He returned to Wat Kamphaeng, however, due to his family commitments, he did not become a full-fledged monk until 4th Aug 2519. His Preceptor’s name was Phra Kru PiPatSaraKhun

(Luang Phor Jeua, Zhao Awat of Wat Kamphaeng
), Phra Prasert
was the 1st Announcing Teacher, and Phra Santat
was the 2nd Announcing Teacher. He was christened Akkathammo after the ordination. He moved to Wat Kroen ka Thin in B.E. 2521.

He learned his wicha from Luang Phor Parn, Zhao Awat of Wat Kroen ka Thin

, who was an expert in Cambodian wicha. Luang Phor Pian also acquired some wicha knowledge from his father. Some of the skills he became adept in were Puttakhoon
, Thammakoon
, and Sangkhakoon
, including Wittayakom
, Saiyasart, awicha (bad magic and how to counter or break it), as well as how to cure people with herbs.

After 3 Khao Pansa

, he was asked to go to Ampur Tah Woong
, Changwat Lopburi
. Luang Phor Pian was already old, and the road conditions were harsh, making travel extremely difficult. He travelled along the highway Tha Klong Barn Mee
which was surrounded by dense jungle. One day, while travelling, he witnessed a robbery, and decided right there and then that he would create amulets to protect people.

Luang Phor Pian crafted the takrut tone (called “Jow Tamrab Takrut Tone AnLeu Cheu

”), which is good for Metta, protection, Maha Ut
, Kongkrapan
as well as business luck. He also created the Phayant Daeng
, Suea
, Singh and Rian
. He used the profits from the sales of these amulets to build the temple where he finally settled. On 17th Dec 2548, he was promoted to Phra Kru WiMonSomnawat
Phayant Daeng from Luang Phor Pian

Phayant Daeng from Luang Phor Pian

Luang Phor Pian fell ill around B.E.2560 and was brought to RoakSuangOk

hospital, where he passed away on 16th Nov 2560, 3:25pm at 90 yrs old, having completed 41 Pansa.


Katha for Worshipping Luang Phor Pian

Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Sammasamputtasa – 3x

Arka thammo maha tey cha wan toh

Arka thammo maha panyo

Arka thammo maha po ka wa ho

Arka thammo a-pi poo cha ya mi


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