Luang Phor Parn

Wat Bang Hia (Klong Dan)

Luang Phor Parn was famous for his cat amulets carved from tiger fangs. These amulets are considered the best amulet for tiger wicha. He lived during the reign of King Rama V, residing in Wat Ban Hia. “Hia” refers to a monitor lizard, and may also be employed as a derogatory word meaning “faeces”. Both these words were also often used as insults. For these reasons, the temple eventually changed its name to Wat Klong Dan. One might guess that perhaps in ages past, there was an abundance of monitor lizards in the vicinity, thus leading the village, and by extension, the temple, to be named after them. More recently, the temple has also been rechristened “Wat Mongkhon Khothawat


Luang Phor Parn, Wat Bang Hia (Klong Dan)

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