Luang Phor Jeud

Suan Patibatham Poetisethi

Luang Phor Jeud Nimmalo from Suan Patibatham Poetisethi

Luang Phor Jeud Nimmalo from Suan Patibatham Poetisethi

Luang Phor Jeud Nimmalo

was born Jeud BangKeaw
, on 14th Jan B.E. 2481, in Moo Jed, Tambon Tam Sala, Ampur Muang, Changwat Nakhon Pathom
. His father was named Nai Um BangKeaw
, and his mother was named Nang Noey BangKeaw
. They were a family of farmers, and they had 6 children; 4 sons and 2 daughters (no further information about his siblings is available). Young Jued graduated from primary school at Rong Rian Wat Thamasala
, and went to high school at Phra Pathom Wittayalai
school, graduating 6 years later.

Luang Phor Jeud went on to be ordained as a monk at Wat Thamasala

in B.E. 2504 (the exact date is unknown). His Preceptor was Phra Kru Padchimthitboriharn
(also known as Luang Phor Choi, Wat Prong MaDeur), his 1st Announcing Teacher was Phra Kru PawanaKittikoon (Luang Phor Noi, Wat Thamasala), and 2nd Announcing Teacher, Phra Ajarn Boon Chuay, Wat Thamasala
. He was given the Dhamma name “Nimmalo”, and chose to remain at Wat Thamasala. People in Thailand often refer to him by the title “ThepPhrajow Tor Ngern Tor Thong
” (Thep – deity, Phrajaw – Deity King, Tor – Wasp, Ngern – silver, Thong - gold), which means King of the Amulet Tor Ngern Tor Thong, as he is renowned for his skill in crafting these wasp amulets.

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