Luang Phor Guay ChutinTaroh

Wat Kositaram

Timeline Events
2nd Nov B.E. 2448 Birth Birthplace: Barn Kae, Moo.9, Tambon Bang Khood, Ampur Sankhaburi, Changwat Chainat
Approximately B.E. 2454/2455
  • Luang Pu Khuad, Wat Barn Kae
  • Ajarn Dam, Wat Hua Den
  • Taught him to read and write Thai vowels, Mathematics, Buddhist Katha and Dhamma. Also taught him to read and write in Khom.
  • Further schooled him in Khom and other proficiencies
5th of July, B.E. 2467, 3:17pm
  • Ordination at Wat Bot. Preceptor was Phra Chainat Munee
    , the 1st Announcing Teacher was Luang Phor Pah
    , and the 2nd Announcing Teacher was Phra Ajarn Ring
    . Given the Dhamma name ChutinTaroh
Approximately B.E. 2467
  • Learned (TedSana
    ) Buddhist sermons from Luang Pu Mah
Unknown date
  • Learnt Thai traditional medicine from Mor Khian
    , who was adept at curing smallpox
19th June B.E. 2472
  • Learnt Phra Pariyattiam
    at Wat WangKhorn, Tambon Pohchonkai
    for 2 Pansa from unnamed teachers
  • Learnt Vipassana
    , wicha and the skills needed for the crafting of amulets such as rings, from Luang Phor Sri Wiriyasopit, Wat Phra Prang, Changwat Singburi
1st June B.E.2477
  • Moved to Wat Nong Khaem, in Tambon Dong Kon, Ampur Sankhaburi, Changwat Chainat
    , for one Pansa, to learn Thai traditional medicine from Yom Puan
    at Barn Nong Khaem
    , and Mor Yai
    at Barn Bang Nam Phra
  • Retrieved a Tamra samood khoi
    from a hole in a tree
  • Learnt the wicha described within
  • Learnt wicha for the crafting of Wean Khean
    (arm bracelets), takrut, Meed Mor
    from Luang Phor Derm (Wat Nong Pho)
  • Learnt osteopathy and bones, joints and muscle massage from Luang Phor Ken, Wat Dong Setthi, Changwat Uthai Thani
  • Learnt from both Luang Phor Puang, Wat Nong Gradon
    , and Luang Phor Gan, Wat Khao Keaw
    , who was like his friends and they exchanged wicha.
  • Learnt from Luang Phor Aim, Wat Hua Khao, on how to make Jindamanee
    , wicha mer yoaw
    and wicha tampahkod
    (no details were found on this)
  • Learnt how to make takrut graduk ngu
    (snake bone takrut) from Luang Phor Ban, Wat Derm Bang
  • A Kalawat named Nai Pan
    taught Luang Phor Guay how to use yant Tua Tor effectively. This wicha was from Luang Phor Toh, Wat Wiharnthong
  • He also learnt katha and yant from Luang Phor Tao, Wat KangKow
Approximately before B.E.2484
  • Wanted to learn Wicha Tam Thong
    and Wicha Len Reh Prae Taat
    (alchemy of minerals and crystals/elements and smelting of metals etc) from Luang Phor Derm but it was said that Luang Phor Derm refused to teach him.
  • Went back to Wat Barn Kae
    , where Luang Phor inscribed sakyant for the devotees
  • Stopped Sakyant for devotees after it was too popular
  • Instead, Luang Phor created amulets like takrut, meed mor, wean khean and phra phim
1st Sep B.E. 2491
  • Got promoted to Zhao Awat
    of Wat Barn Kae
1st March B.E. 2497
  • Got promoted to 1st Announcing Teacher and 2nd Announcing Teacher
5th Dec B.E. 2511
  • Somdej Phra Sangkaraj
    bestowed Luang Phor Guay a title; Phra Kru ChanPraTuan
Right before B.E. 2521
  • Fell ill right before B.E. 2521 and was admitted to a hospital near the end of B.E. 2520.
March B.E.2522
  • Circled 2 dates on the calendar; using a blue pen to circle 11th Mar, and a red pen to circle 11th Declared that he would pass away on 11th April, time 7:55am.
12th April B.E. 2522, 7:55am
  • Passed away at age 74 years old, completing 54 Pansa

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