Phra MongkonVisut  (Kruba Duangdee)

The Disciple of Kruba SriVichai

Kruba DuangDee

was born in Barn Thachampee, Tambon Tungsatoke, Ampur Sanpatong, Changwat Chiangmai
on 24th April B.E.2449 during the reign of King Rama 5th. His father was named Phor Aoob
, his mother was named Mae Chan
, and their family name was Suttilerd


Kruba Duangdee

The Early Years

Kruba DuangDee’s parents had 8 children, and he was the 7th. He had a younger sister, 3 older brothers, and 3 older sisters. His youngest sister was named Mae Nin

, but unfortunately, no records were found of his other sibling’s names.

When he was 11 years old, he accompanied his parents to Changwat Lampoon

, to present offerings of food to an eminent Buddhist monk. That monk was none other than Kruba Srivichai
. At the time, Kruba Srivichai was residing in Wat Phrataat ZhaoHariphunchai
(Wat Luang Lampoon
). Upon seeing young Duangdee for the first time, Kruba Srivichai was drawn towards him, and requested that the young boy step forward. Kruba Srivichai foretold that the boy was special, and immediately instructed his parents to allow young Duangdee to pursue the path of Buddhism.

Kruba Srivichai doted on young Duangdee and regaled him with endless Buddhist stories. On account of the innate gifts he recognised in him, Kruba Srivichai instructed Duangdee’s parents to allow him to pursue monkhood in the future, and fulfil his destiny of himself becoming an eminent monk with many followers.


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