Guman Thong Tewada Noi

Luang Phor Chang
, Wat Nong Yai Mao


Luang Phor Chang learnt the Wicha Garn Sang Guman Thong

(wicha for the creation of Guman Thong), naming it Wicha Thep Nimit
. He used this wicha to create a batch of Guman Thong, which he christened “Tewada Noi

Luang Phor Chang

Luang Phor Chang

Guman Thong Tewada Noi from Luang Phor Chang

Guman Thong Tewada Noi from Luang Phor Chang

Luang Phor Chang often spoke about the origin of Wicha Thep Nimit. While he was on his Tudong travels, he liked to meditate in caves. He would specifically seek out caves and forests that were rumoured to be plagued by spiritual hauntings and disturbances. He would also meditate in cemeteries, often simply settling down in these places

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