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Phra Kru Suwat, Wat Sri Ta Weep

Phra Kru Suwat, Wat Sri Ta Weep



Phra Kru Suwat

Wat Sri Ta Weep



History of Phra Kru Suwat, Wat Sri Ta Weep

Phra Kru Suwatthammakhun

is the former abbot of the Wat Sri Ta Weep in Koh Samui, Surat Thani province, who gained the alias of “Punya Siri
” (a person of exceptional wisdom) from the devotees of the area.


His birth name was Watkongphet

. His parents’ were Mr. Rak
and Mrs. Nui Kongphet
. Phra Kru
was born on Friday, 8th July, 1898 in Barn Mae Nam
, Koh Samui, Surat Thani province. He was a child with a deeply spiritual bent, often eagerly visiting temples when he was not helping his mother with chores.


Phra Kru was ordained at Wat Sri Ta Weep in June 1919, at the age of 21. His preceptor’s name was Phra Kru Wiboon Tammasarn

of Wat Ampawan
and he was given the name “Punya Siri”.


He was promoted to Abbot in June 1929 and was conferred the title of Master/Teacher of Vipassana

meditation. On 5th December 1956, he was bestowed with the title of “Phra Kru Suwat Thammakhun


He entered the holy stillness at age 96, on November 13th, 1992. His funeral was attended by King Rama 9. So highly-regarded was the master, that the King himself offered a symbolic gesture of casting a handful of soil onto his body. Phra Kru’s body is still being venerated at the temple in the present day.


His Legacy

Luang Phor’s primary motivator was the pursuit of a holy life. He was not, however, blind to the suffering and hardship endured by the villagers around him, and recognized the importance of spiritual aid and influence in their lives. Besides spreading Buddhist teachings and encouraging a Buddhist way of life, Phra Kru Suwat also provided aid in the form of amulets, intended to confer blessings upon their lives and offer aid against the multitude hardships plaguing their meagre existences.

Some examples of the amulets created by Luang Phor Suwat are Namta Pla Payoon

and Namta Chang Tarm Klong


Perhaps the most unique and acclaimed amulet is his Hanuman

amulet. These were crafted from an array of specially sourced materials, mixed with the ashes of a very specific individual who had passed away on a Saturday and was cremated on Tuesday (read our article on “The Unique Amulet of Phra Kru Suwat” to find out more).


Hanuman by Phra Kru Suwat, Wat Sri Ta Weep


The buzz surrounding this amulet has been at a fever pitch in the South of Thailand for generations, as it is believed to be exceptionally potent at offering protection and blessings.

It is our duty to remind our readers though amulets enhance the quality of your life, it is imperative that one’s pursuits are positive, empathetic, and kind, as amulets are only able to enhance your relationships and pursuits, and not reverse any ill effects resulting from poor moral choices.

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