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Luang Phor Jeud, Suan Patibatham Poetisethi

Luang Phor Jeud, Suan Patibatham Poetisethi

Pic: Luang Phor Jeud Nimmalo from Suan Patibatham Poetisethi


Luang Phor Jeud Nimmalo was born  Jeud BangKeaw

, on 14th Jan B.E. 2481, in Moo Jed, Tambon Tam Sala, Ampur Muang, Changwat Nakhon Pathom
. His father was named Nai Um BangKeaw
, and his mother was named Nang Noey BangKeaw
. They were a family of farmers, and they had 6 children; 4 sons and 2 daughters (no further information about his siblings is available). Young Jued graduated from primary school at Rong Rian Wat Thamasala, and went to high school at Phra Pathom Wittayalai
school, graduating 6 years later.


Luang Phor Jeud went on to be ordained as a monk at Wat Thamasala in B.E. 2504 (the exact date is unknown). His Preceptor was Phra Kru Padchimthitboriharn

(also known as Luang Phor Choi, Wat Prong MaDeur
), his 1st Announcing Teacher was Phra Kru PawanaKittikoon
(Luang Phor Noi,Wat Thamasala), and 2nd Announcing Teacher, Phra Ajarn Boon Chuay, Wat Thamasala
. He was given the Dhamma name “Nimmalo”, and chose to remain at Wat Thamasala. People in Thailand often refer to him by the title “ThepPhrajow Tor Ngern Tor Thong
” (Thep – deity, Phrajaw – Deity King, Tor – Wasp, Ngern – silver, Thong – gold), which means King of the Amulet Tor Ngern Tor Thong, as he is renowned for his skill in crafting these wasp amulets.


Pic: Tor Ngern Tor Thong amulet from Luang Phor Jeud

Luang Phor Jeud was known for being a kind and giving monk, and was the widely regarded as the best disciple of Luang Phor Noi of Wat Thamsala. Luang Phor Jeud was diligent in his practice, and thus Luang Phor Noi doted on him, choosing to pass the Tamra Saiyawej Wittayakom (grimoire on sorcery) and Garnlong akara lek yant nai gan sang leh pluksek wathu mongkhon

(the requisite skills for consecrating amulets and inscribing yants) to him. Luang Phor Noi also taught him the art of Tamra Horasart BapBoran, an ancient method of fortune-telling. He was also taught traditional Thai medicine, and garn chareon samadhi powana
(concentrative meditation). Luang Phor Jeud also learn the wicha of Wat Sri Sathong
and Wat Pak Klong Makhamthao
Pic: Examples of ancient and traditional methods of fortune telling, using charts

Luang Phor possessed the power of Wahjapragasit, the ability to make events come true by simply mentioning them, as he had metta baramee tam, and could foresee the future. He understood exactly what problems people faced, even before they shared them. Luang Phor would help people shower with holy water, to bestow blessings to help them overcome their difficulties. He would help anyone at all, regardless of their status.


Luang Phor Jeud passed away on 8th June B.E. 2559 at 9:21pm at age 78 years.


The tradition of showering devotees with holy water is still being carried out by Luang Phor Jeud’s disciple, Phra Ajarn Ahtit

in Patibatham Poetisethi. The temple has since been renamed Wat Poesethiwanaram
. It is located at 6, Soi Bo Phlap 8, Tumbon Bo Phlap, Ampur Muang Nakhon Pathom, Changwat Nakhon Pathom
73000, Thailand.


6 ซอยบ่อพลับ 8 ตำบลบ่อพลับอำเภอเมืองนครปฐมจังหวัดนครปฐม 73000


Pic: “Holy water shower” carried out by Luang Phor Jeud’s disciple, Phra Ajarn Sunny (Phra Ajarn Ahtit) in Suan PatibahtTam Poetisethi
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