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The Secret Knowledge of The Golden Fly Wicha, Mah Leng Wan Kam’s Most Secretive Wicha

The Secret Knowledge of The Golden Fly Wicha, Mah Leng Wan Kam’s Most Secretive Wicha



Global Competition


In the Information Age, the pace of business and commerce has grown exponentially.Businesses face intense competition, not just locally, but globally as well, as customers become more connected, and their wants and needs demand immediate answers. One cannot afford the luxury of time to build up their businesses over long periods, without risking being made irrelevant by shifting trends and preferences, or having their share of an increasingly fought-over pie shrunk to untenable levels.

A good customer base, and a competitive edge, are more essential now than ever before, for the continuing survival and success of any enterprise.

It is an ongoing interest of ours, to examine what makes some seemingly normal businesses very profitable, despite seemingly inadequate differentiation in the market, and pricing strategies that do not come across as very competitive.

Some of these may be pegged to successful, if unorthodox business philosophies, but many of these cases may also be attributed to the judicious applicationof the arcane arts. One of these businessman, for example, described to us a spell called the Golden Fly (Mah Leng Wan Kam

), which he had successfully utilized to charm customers and ensure a steady inflow of income.


MahLengWan Kam Wicha Saneh
from Lanna





MahLeng Wan Kam is also known as Maeng Ngoon Kam

in the Northern Thai dialect. This wichais suspected to have originated from the Tai Yuan tribe in Lanna, an area in Northern Thailand that existed from the 13th to 18th century.


It is very popular among traders and businessmen. It is also popular among people seeking to improve their Saneh

and quality of life.


Legends from other ancient cultures

Many other countries ascribe mystical characteristics to the Fly. In ancient Egypt, around 3000 B.C.,the fly held huge significance to their religion and culture. There is a belief among ancient Egyptians flies were magical or sacred in nature

The fly was called “Aff” by the Egyptians and archeologists have uncovered a wealth of artefacts pointing to their importance to ancient Egyptian culture. They were often, for example, used as motifs in amulets and jewellery.

Ancient Egyptians believed that wearing a fly amulet would deter harmful insects such as locusts, which brought with them famine, disease, and destruction.

Weapons such as axe and swords were also often adorned with a Fly motif, as were bracelets and religious ornaments.

The Fly also symbolized bravery. The Pharaohs would often confer a fly made of gold as a decoration of valor to soldiers who took part in the struggle against the kingdom’s enemies. In this case, theFlysymbolized persistence. They represented an almost fanatical disregard of danger, having the lightning-quickreflexes to escape danger, and return time and time again in search of their prize.

Possessing and displaying these golden flieswere a status symbol. A necklace belonging to Princess Ahhotep, for example, had 3 of these golden flies embedded in it.



Formulation of sorcery from nature

A predominant trait of flies, is their ability to quickly and constantly reproduce. All that procreation takes a lot of dedication, and the secret to a Fly’s virility, lies under its wings. There, special glands constantly secretes pheromones, driving flies of the opposite sexes to a maddening pursuit of multiplying.

Because flies have evolved alongside humans, we are also often their primary source of food. Because of their constant, annoying presence in our lives, they have come to be seen as a symbol of filth, feasting on excrement, dead things, and disposed food.

There are however, many species of the fly.Each requires different things for sustenance.For example, Mah Leng Wan Phonlamai

(Phonlamai means fruit) also known as the Oriental Fruit Fly (Bactroceradoralis Hendel), feeds on pollen and fruits instead of decaying matter. This fly also pollinates flowers just like the butterflies and bees.
Pic: The Oriental Fruit Fly, Ma Leng Wan Kam Picture reference: (left) By tinglee1631 /, (right) boyphare / Information retrieved from | WikiWicca

Observing these creations of Mother Nature,practitioners of the esoteric arts formulated ancient spells ranging from Ma Leng Pu

(read our article on Ma Leng Pu for further details), to Tua Tor
(read our article on Luang PhorJued
, the creator of Tor Ngern Tor Thong


The Golden Fly became synonymous with Saneh (sexual concerns) and livelihood (choosing to feed on “fresh” food, which goes against a Fly’s perceived nature). The spell used to invoke this,Mah Leng Wan See Thong

, even translates to“Golden Coloured Fly”. There are other variations of the name of this spell, such as Mah Leng Wan Thong
and Mah Leng Wan Kam


Spell of MahLengWan SeeThong

In cultures across the world, sacred Flies are usually synonymous with the colour Gold.

The wicha of MahLeng Wan See Thongis often held as a closely-guarded secret, kept solely by a few practitioners. It is only passed down to disciples through a direct lineage and tutelage, in order to preserve the numerous secrets of the technique. Though the fullest range of these secrets may never be revealed, here are a few that we have managed to uncover.

Maeng Wan Kam Liam NammanMahaSaneh


Maeng Wan Kam Liam NammanMahaSanehis the amulet that is in the form ofa bottle of oil for sexual attraction. Carrying this will bless the owner with Choke Larp

, Mahasaneh
, Mahaniyom
, and Kar Kai


Wan YaSakMahLeng Wan Kam
and Yant MahLengWan Kam


YantMahLeng Wan Kam refers to the spells and sigil of Golden Fly, tattooed onto the bodywith oil and ink that has been incorporate with select herbs named Wan YaSakMahLeng Wan Kam while recitingspells. It is normally tattooed on the ribs, at the exact point where your elbow meets your ribcage.Ladies receive this tattoo on the left, and men, on the right.

Before attempting to flirt with a member of the opposite sex, users rub their elbows over the tattoo, invoking the yant in the process. This is meant to simulate flies releasing pheromones from beneath their wings.

This tattoo has been known to grant many wishes, and even simply carrying the amulet has an equivalent effect.


Takrut MahLeng Wan Kam


In ancient times, the fly sigil and accompanying incantations were inscribed onto pieces of animal skin steeped in oil, and carried as takrut

. These days, the spells are carved onto metallic pieces such as lead or copper instead, rolled up,and bound with string. These are imbued with properties such as metta mahaniyom
,kar kai,mahasaneh, prevention of khun sai


Katha Maeng Wan Kam (this may only be used when the amulet is physically on your person, or if you had tattooed the yant onto your body)

Oonglusa da sa hi tum ma masawahoomoonglusada sa ha tite ja ya mi – Recite 7 times

Oongluoonglusaphasawaphateyane pi ti – recite 7 times


Offer honey and anyflowers with a sweet scent and make a prayer to your lineage teachers. Awaken MahLeng Wan and request it to partake in the offerings. This ritual must be carried out on a Monday morning before noon.



Pic: Honey offering with sweet scented flowers
(Picture reference: Davizro Photography /



Golden flies only consume fruits and flowers, and they are never accompanied by regular flies.People who have observed this, often attribute it to nobility.

In much the same manner as golden fly attracting mates with its pheromones,its powers may be channeled for use in business or attraction.

Because of the sorcerers of Lanna and their understanding of Khom Fad

, this unique form of magic has been prescribed and preserved for the ages. Khom Fad, means “twin magic”, and technique used for combining the energies of nature and the spiritual energies gleaned from spells and intense mental fortitude.


Though impossible to scientifically quantify, adherents of the Golden Fly continue to express their absolute belief in its supernatural abilities, and the dramatic difference it has made in their lives.


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