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Phra Setthi Nawa Kot Part 3 – Secrets of Worship

Phra Setthi Nawa Kot Part 3 – Secrets of Worship




Creation of the Phra Setthee Nawa Kot Amulet


It is believed that Phra Ubali Khunupamajarn (Chan Sirichanto),

former abbot of Wat Borom Niwat,
Bangkok, master of Vipassana Meditation and follower of Luang Pu Man Phuritatto,
first transplanted the iconography of the Phra Setthee Nawa Kot from Laos to Thailand.

At the time, he was a renowned member of the Sangha’s governing body, occupying the position of “Phra Sangkapamok”

(Head of the Sangha) in Champasak,
Laos. He was also the abbot of Amattayaram Temple
. He inherited the knowledge fromn Yatan Samret Loon,
of Ban Woen Sai Temple.

After inheriting the knowledge, he expanded upon it through careful research into the context and methodologies for the requisite ceremonies, as well as the structure and content of the chants and spells, to ensure maximum efficacy. To this day, his work is considered the authoritative treatise of the genre, and Geji

intending to craft Phra Setthi Nawa Kot, often defer to his methods as the benchmark.


How to pray to Phra Setthi Nawa Kot


To worship the Phra Setthi Nawa Kot for good results, adherents should follow this Katha:

namo tutsa phakhawato arahato samma samphutthatsa

(3 times)


ma kha yo, ma wa yo, mai hung, ma ja ko ji, u pat tha wo, than ya,
tha ra ni, pa wat san tu, tha nan chai, yut sa, ya tha kha re,
su wan na ni, hi run ya ja, sup pha pho kha, ja, rat ta na,
pa wat san tu, me, ae wang kha re, su ma na, cha ti sat sa, ja,
a na tha bin thi ka, me tha, kat sa, cho ti ka, su mung kha, sat sa, ja,
mun tha tu, ves san ta, rat sa, pa wat san ti, ya tha kha re, ae te na,
sut ja, wat che na, sup pha, sit thi, pha wan, tu, me


It is believed that this spell originally belonged to Phra Ubali Khunupamajarn (Chan Sirichanto). It is an incantation to worship the Phra Setthi Nawa Kot in order to bring luck and fortune through repeated application. If you engage in commerce or business, and intend to apply the spells to your activities, repeat this spell three times each day before opening for business. This will ensure your success and good fortune.

Phra Setthi Nawa Kot amulets may also be used to consecrate holy water. Place them in the water, and recite the katha 9 times. Use this water to drink, bathe, and anoint. Your sorrows and troubles will fade away, leaving only good fortune in their wake.

On the Thai New Year, the 15th April: devotees are obliged to pay respects using the following offering;

  1. White flowers for the nine Kratong;
    usually Jasmine
  2. Khao Tok
    for the nine Kratong.
  3. Nine different kinds of food and dessert
  4. Nine incense sticks.
  5. Nine candles.



The offering should be accompanied by additional incense, candles, and recitations of the requisite katha. Holy water should be consecrated beforehand, and used to wash the Buddha. The katha should be recited 9 times while doing so. Any holy water resulting from the ceremony may be imbibed, or used to sprinkle over house, home, your business premises, or even farmland, to bring a multitude of blessings for the coming year.

Regular worship of the Phra Setthi Nawa Kot, coupled with keeping of the five Buddhist precepts, is nearly guaranteed to wash away all the unfavourable conditions life may present you with, and bless you with the multitude of supernatural wealth from its patrons.


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