It is believed that the name “BiaGae”, was derived from the words “Bia” and “GaeBon
”. Bia refers to a shell, and GaeBon describes a process where one gives offerings in appreciation for wishes granted by deities and Sing Saksit
. Thais would string flowers into garlands to hang around the statue. There is much symbolism associated with the conch shell, particularly with the creation of the universe. The sound made by blowing through the conch shell is symbolic of the “Om” sound, which heralded the beginning of existence itself. Legend has it that when the new universe was created, and life began to flourish on Earth, a demon named SangAhSoon
(Shankhasura in Hinduism) appeared, threatening all who lived there. He stole the scriptures (Vedas), and hid in a conch shell, far below in the depths of the ocean.

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