(Two-Faced Drum)

Luang Phor Pak, Wat Bot


Luang Phor Pak from Wat Bot was famous for his BiaGae

, Singh
and Tapoon
, all of which were made over a hundred years ago. Some called his Tapoon amulet as Glong Tapoon
(drum) or Tapoon Riak Kon
(meaning to call in customers or to call in projects and business). They are ideal for attracting Metta
, Mahaniyom
and Maha Larp
(luck and good fortune). It is very difficult to create these amulets or to find someone capable of doing so, and as such, they are very rare. There were no records of how many pieces were made, but those who had witnessed the process said that the pieces made were only enough to fill half of Luang Phor’s alms bowl.

Luang Phor Pak from Wat Bot

Luang Phor Pak from Wat Bot

He only gave these Tapoon to students who were unmarried, or to people he felt had a strong sense of responsibility. In the past, they were never seen for sale, as they were only handed down as an heirloom.

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