Takrut PalangLokKatat
, Serm Palangcheewit

Phra Ajarn Sompon Somwaro
(Luang Phor Yai)
, Samnak Pah Pratam Yan Muni

The information below is translated from the temple’s pamphlet. Please use this information at your own discretion. Spiritual aids only support medical treatments and are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.
Takrut PalangLokKatat from Luang Phor Yai

Takrut PalangLokKatat from Luang Phor Yai

Takrut PalangLokKatat from Luang Phor Yai is made up of different types of Lek Lai
, and is referred to as Serm Palangcheewit

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