Takrut Mai Kru
, Luang Phor Kalong

Wat Khao Leam

Of all the amulets crafted and consecrated by Luang Phor Kalong, Takrut Mai Kru is reputed to be the most powerful. A devotee once went to Wat Khao Leam to pay homage to Luang Phor Kalong. After paying his respects to the elderly Venerable, Luang Phor consecrated the items he was wearing during the visit, and the devotee continued to carry them daily for his protection. Among the items, however, Luang Phor was most fixated upon the Mai Kru. When he looked at it, he seemed lost in a state of anamnesis.


Takrut Mai Kru was first released to devotees in B.E. 2500. In that year, Luang Phor had decided to build an Ubosot

. Luang Phor Kalong personally collected the material used to make the takrut while he was practicing austerity in the jungles (Tudong
) of Saraburi
. These takrut were made on and off over the course of more than 2 decades, and there were no records kept of the total quantity made.

It was a painstaking effort to harvest enough material for each takrut. The main body of the takrut, for example, was fashioned from the topmost section of dead bamboo that had been struck by lightning. This could only be harvested from bamboo that had bent over as a result of the damage. The next qualifying factor required an unbelievable act of provenance, as Luang Phor Kalong would have to meditate patiently nearby, waiting for elephants to walk over the parts intended for use. As one might imagine, it is not often that lightning would strike bamboo without razing it to the ground, much less causing it to break and bend. Moreover, how often would you chance upon passing elephants with a penchant for walking over those specific bamboo trees?

Luang Phor however, persevered. It was recorded in the ancient Wicha manuals of Phichai Songkram

that, such bamboo trees were the only ones suitable for harvesting to be consecrated into sacred objects. These objects would have 108 purported magical properties. To harvest this bamboo, you would need to hold your breath and cut off the lightning-stricken section in a single stroke of the knife. Luang Phor Kalong’s pure intentions and boundless merit enabled him to collect the material and consecrate the Takrut Mai Kru, in order to improve the lives of his devotees.


Other Materials

Once the bamboo was harvested, they were chopped into 1.5-inch lengths. A hole was drilled at the end of each piece, to allow a rolled piece of copper inscribed with incantations to be inserted. Luang Phor Kalong wrote all the incantations himself. Before inserting the rolled copper, he also inserted other materials such as Phong PhraGru Bangkhunphrom

(powder of old amulets found in the Gru
of Wat Bangkhunphrom
), bits of a Hornbill’s nest, as well as his own hair. He would then seal up the hole, before binding the takrut with nylon.

Picture example of amulets and urns dug up in Gru found in another temple


Luang Phor used 2 different styles of tying. In the first style, he tied the whole piece of takrut right up to the tip with string, covering the entire takrut. This style is named Tak Babb Maha Ut

(“Ut” means to fill up or cover a hole). The resulting takrut has strong protective capabilities.

In the other style, he used string to tie up most of the takrut, leaving a small portion of bamboo exposed at both ends. This style of tying, he named Tak Babb Prongfah

(“The sky is sunny, unobstructed by clouds”). The finished takrut is excellent for growing your business, attracting smooth transactions and enabling a constant flow of income.

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