Mah Leng Pu
(Phaya Mah Leng Pu Kam)

An ancient amulet from Tai Yai
, Burma

This amulet is often misunderstood to be a Wasp amulet by the general public. However, it is actually meant to be a Xylocopa Latipes, or Carpenter Bee. Refer to the pictures below for clarification.

From left to right, Mah Leng Pu amulet compared to a Carpenter Bee (middle) and a Wasp (right) (Picture References: (left) Rob Mousley/, (right) TRR/

Mah Leng Pu are fashioned in the shape of a Carpenter Bee. Some have mercury inserted; others have needles. The smaller ones are “soldiers” known as “Tualuk”. The bigger ones are considered to be “leaders”, known as “Tuakru

”. Carpenter Bees are known for their prowess at boring into hardwood, and whoever wears this amulet will, therefore, be able to “drill into” the hearts and minds of other people, building rapport and attraction in the process.

The people of Chiang Tung (a province in Thailand) often place Mah Leng Pu on the foundations of each corner of the house. It is believed that this will protect the house and its inhabitants. Mah Leng Pu are attracted to sweet smell of flowers, and whenever they approach, any bees already there will flee. Because of this, they are widely considered to be the “King” of all bees (hence the name Phaya, or “King”).
Mah Leng Pu amulet made of ivory

Mah Leng Pu amulet made of ivory


Mah Leng Pu are considered some of the most potent magical amulets from the Tai Yai tribe in Burma. There were 8 Mah Leng Pu on the BanLang

(throne) of King Burengnong
(Bayinnaung Kyawhtin Nawrahta, the Burmese King who rule in the 16th century) and he also placed them on his sariang (sedan). According to legend, the person who made the amulets on his throne was Phor Kru Bo Bo Aung
, who was reputed to have achieved great supernatural power. He placed 8 of these on the throne to enable King Burengnong to be victorious in all his pursuits, and any form of warfare.

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