Phra Kring Jakkapat Narai
and Takrut Jakkapat Narai

Luang Phor Kalong, Wat Khao Leam


Origins of the Wicha Yant Jakkapat Narai

This Takrut was originally written on cloth, and rolled into a wooden container, where it was known as Phayant Takrut Jakkapat Narai

. The method for crafting Phayant Takrut originated from old scriptures written on Kam Pee Bai Khoi
(old magical textbooks made from the bark of the Streble Asper Lour Tree) belonging to WatPradoo Songtham
. This wicha was first given to King Phra Narai Maharaj
during the Ayutthaya
period (B.E. 1893 to B.E.2310), by a monk named Phraphrom Muni
from Wat Paknam Prasob
. Yant Jakkapat Narai was unique and differs vastly from other yant of that era.

During ancient times, yant was written on a cloth and rolled into wooden containers to be carried as a takrut

During ancient times, yant was written on a cloth and rolled into wooden containers to be carried as a takrut

Ceremonies were held whenever the Phayant Takrut was passed down, from the period of Rattanakosin

, to the reign of King Rama 5, all the way to B.E. 2500.

In B.E.2515, ceremonies for passing down the lineage of the Wicha were only held on the occasion. One was at Wat Parinayok

, another was at Wat Phra si Rattana Mahathat WoraMahaWiharn, Phitsanulok
. The ceremony conducted at Wat Phra si Mahathat was the grandest. Preparations for the ceremony were difficult and taken very seriously. An auspicious date for the ceremony was emphasized, and the Presiding Monk of the ceremony had to pray and chant the KathaItipiso Rattana Mala
(Consisting of 108 different sets of Itipiso. Within each set of Katha Itipiso, there are four subsets of katha). The presiding monk also had to meditate every night until the ceremony was held.

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