Takrut Nang Kwai Pheuk
, Luang Phor Mon

Wat Klong Sip Sorng


The wicha of using animal skin to make amulets is called GarnTamPhraNang

. Luang Phor Mon of Wat Klong Sip Sorng was adept in this wicha. He learnt it from Luang Phor Niam
, Zhao Awat
of Wat Phrayapla
. Luang Phor Niam is an expert in using this wicha for Kongkrapan
. He made takrut out of buffalo skin. His Somdej
were also infused with bits of buffalo skin.


Luang Phor Mon, Wat Klong Sip Sorng


The skin that was used for making Takrut Nang Kwai Phuek

, came from the skin of buffaloes that had been struck dead by lightning. The first batches were made from the forehead skin of an albino buffalo that had been struck dead by lightning. As the story goes, this particular buffalo had been involved in many Hae Nak
, and Luang Phor comforted the buffalo, encouraging it to be reborn as a human being on account of the merits it had accumulated.

When the villagers attempted to dispose of the buffalo’s carcass with fire, they realized that it would not burn. Upon hearing of the phenomenon, Luang Phor surmised that the buffalo had offered its body to the Buddha. In recognition of this, he removed the buffalo’s forehead skin, to be made into amulets for the villagers.

When he first began producing amulets, Luang Phor Mon personally pluksek

(or blessed) each takrut, and gave them to devotees of the temple, as well as people he met during his Tudong travels.

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