Guman Thong Kanongrit
(Dood Rok)
, Luang Phor Mak

Wat Khao Lek Rang Sadow

Luang Phor Mak of Wat Khao Lek Rang Sadow, Moo 4, Tambon Pangtru

, Barn Rang Sadow
, Ampur Tah Muang
, Changwat Kanchanaburi
, is an expert in the katha and wicha required in the crafting of Guman Thong. He learned the wicha from Luang Phor Plian
, Wat Dtai
, and an unnamed guru.

This Guman Thong was made in 3 different materials;

    1. Nur Loha AhTan
      (a secret mix of unidentified metals)
    2. Nur Mai Takien Dtai Prai
      (powder made from the wood of a dead Hopea Odorata Tree). Refer to our article on Mae Takien, to learn about its usage in amulets.
      Mai Takien Dtai Prai, wood used as material for the Guman Thong (Picture References: Somjai Namwongsa/

      Mai Takien Dtai Prai, wood used as material for the Guman Thong
      (Picture References: Somjai Namwongsa/

    3. Nur Din Jed PahChar
        (soil from 7 mysterious forests)


Owners of these Guman Thong are required to provide them with the utmost care, recite the katha for them frequently, and offer them toys and food on a regular basis. In doing so, they will experience good luck (Hai Choke

, Hai Larp
). These Guman Thong are renowned among traders, as well as people running any form of business. It is famous in Singapore, and curiously enough, in New York as well.

A lady who ran a restaurant in New York with her partner worshipped this Guman Thong and felt that the traffic in her restaurant and the resulting profits increased tremendously. She personally visited Luang Phor Mak’s temple to make donations and offerings as a show of appreciation and acquired 2 more pairs of Guman Thong from Luang Phor to take back home with her.



Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Sammasamputtasa – 3x

Jitjay ru ni, jittang gung ru pang

Gumaro ma, ma ma, ae hi jittang

Piyang ma ma

Owners of this Guman Thong must worship them with this Katha, and offer them 3 different types of coloured sodas, or other sweet drinks.


(Picture References: Mama Belle and the kids/

(Picture References: Mama Belle and the kids/



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