BiaGae made by Luang Phor Jeua

Wat Klang Bang Keaw


Luang Phor Jeua learnt this Wicha from Luang Phor Perm

, of Wat Klang Bang Keaw. When he felt that his time on Earth was drawing to a close, Luang Phor Perm summoned Luang Phor Jeua and Phra Ajarn Bai
to the temple, instructing them to bring offerings of flowers, incense sticks and candles, so he could pass down the BiaGae Wicha and other skills to them. Luang Phor Perm did not wish to see the lineage of this Wicha be lost after his passing.

Luang Phor Perm instructed them; “Hai bai tam gorn

”, which meant to make way for Phra Ajarn Bai to craft BiaGae for the laity first, before Luang Phor Jeua. It seemed that Luang Phor Perm had an intuition that Phra Ajarn Bai would not outlive Luang Phor Jeua. After Luang Phor Perm passed away, Phra Ajarn Bai began crafting BiaGae for the laity, but he too passed on about a year later.

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