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Sacred Objects Keeping Us Safe

Around the world, people have always sought safety, good fortune, and blessings from consecrated objects. Over the millennia, the spectrum of these objects has expanded to include everything from anointing oil to metallic alloys; from sacred herbs to common coconuts; from holy soil to ancient paper and cloth; and even human and animal parts.

In Thailand, there are 2 types of consecrated objects; Phra Kreung, and Kreung Rang. Phra Kreung incorporates the image of the Buddha, Higher Beings/ Deities, or Holy Monks. Kreung Rang on the other hand, often include Chuchok, Guman Thong, Nang Kwak, Takrut, Animals, Insects, Oils and other exotic substances.

There are 4 important considerations that are crucial to the creation of such objects;

1. Provenance of material

2. Places of consecration

3. Rituals or Method of Consecration

4. Spells (katha), including both oral and written aspects


Kee Pheung Payong Kam, made by Kruba Vichaiya SiriWichaiyo from Wat Mai Hoong, is a perfect illustration of the requisite steps of the process, exemplified by its elaborate, deliberate rituals.

The herbs used in the potion were planted by Kruba himself, in a room only accessible to him. Only 6 herbs were used in its creation. Kruba also personally scraped gold dust from a solid bar into the mixture. To craft the potion, he would have undertaken the following process;

1. The first of three ceremonies are carried out in front of a Buddha housed in an Ubosot. The materials are incorporated and cooked, while incantations are recited over them. The reason for this particular choice of venue is that ordinations are carried out within Ubosot, and it is believed that someone who undergoes ordination is creating massive amounts of merit and auspiciousness. Thus, an Ubosot is a place filled with joy and auspiciousness.


2. The second place of consecration is a cross junction of a village or forest. The monk has to stir the See Pheung continuously, while continuously reciting spells, hoping to attract curious onlookers. One of the requisites is that a stranger must stop to inquire what the monk is doing, and the monk must reply that he is cooking a potion. The symbolism is that cross junction are places where travellers occasionally cross paths. Such chance meetings would often lead to other business opportunities and connections. It is believed that consecrating the potion at such a place, imbues in it the ability to attract good business and success.Having passers-by inquire as to the provenance of the potion, also fulfils the requisite conditions for formulating an attraction spell, meaning that carrying the potion will draw people towards you in an almost magnetic manner.


3. Materials, Rituals, Methods of Consecration and Spells

The monk will then have to find a lady who passed away while pregnant with her first son. The stillborn child must still be inside the woman’s body. The buried body will be unearthed for the consecration ceremony. A man needs to put on a brand new dress for the woman, comb her hair and apply to make up for her. A handsome virgin male below the age of 20 is then required to sit behind the corpse and hug her. The man must place the corpse’s hand above his own, with the corpse’s hand clutching the bowl of potion. His other hand must then grasp the corpse’s other hand, guiding it to stir the potion with a stick. His hands must always remain below the corpse. The monk will recite spells as the whole ritual is being carried out.


At a certain point, the man will release his hands, and the corpse will take a life of her own, continuing to stir the potion while seated upright. As the corpse raises its hands to drink the potion, a crucial point occurs. The potion can only be removed from her hands at the exact moment the bowl touches her lips. If the lady corpse inadvertently drinks the potion, she will turn into a powerful zombie.  This part imbues mysterious and powerful energies in the potion.

Kee Pheung which has successfully undergone the ceremonies will be deemed effective for use.

The above example describes the elaborate and tedious process involved in creating an amulet for use. In this category, we will share the elaborate rituals and arcane processes that go into the creation of these mystical objects.

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