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Phra Lak Nathong of Luang Phor Kalong, Wat Khao Leam,

Phra Lak Nathong of Luang Phor Kalong, Wat Khao Leam,




Luang Phor Kalong

of Wat Khao Leam, Sa Kaeo, was a monk who was well versed in ancient wicha
. His defining feature was an enigmatic lone tooth, embedded right in the centre of his upper palate. One of his most astonishing abilities was that of foretelling; everything he said, would eventually come to pass. For Luang Phor Kalong’s full biography, kindly refer to the articles on him in our archives.



Pic: Luang Phor Kalong, showing his special tooth

Luang Phor Kalong’s unique wicha of Phra Lak Nathong

was learnt from a man named Kru Peng
, who was a teacher of Thai traditional dance arts (Khon
). Luang Phor learnt the art from him during the reign of King Rama 6 around B.E. 2500.


Pic: Tewada Phra Lak as depicted in Khon
(Picture Refernces: SOMKKU/


The legend of the Tewada

(Deity) Phra Lak
is that he was actually transmorgrified from the conch shell weapon of Phra Narai
. Phra Narai is known as the deity Lord Narayana in Hinduism.


Pic: Lord Narayana holding conch shell and discus
(Picture Refernces: CPL1980/


In order to learn this form of wicha unique to the school of Khon, a big ceremony with offerings had to be held for the deity. These ceremonies, known as Krop Xian

, typically include substantial offerings of pig heads, chicken, fruits and flowers amongst many other things. Following the ceremony, the method of wicha was then passed down to Luang Phor Kalong.


Pic: Examples of a huge ceremony and offerings
(Picture credit: ART STOCK CREATIVE/


After learning the wicha, Luang Phor Kalong, occasionally continued to hold the krop xian ceremony for his disciples. The devotees who attended these Krop Xian ceremonies reported that they could see obvious good luck and blessings in their lives after.


The Protective Properties of Phra Lak Nathong

People who own Phra Lak Nathong amulets of Luang Phor Kalong, or have attended any of his Krop Xian ceremonies, report improved success with interviews extending their pool of business contacts. They also experience better and more numerous opportunities, and more often than not, clinching important deals.
Phra Lak Nathong is known to be very powerful, capable of protecting devotees from danger. He also enables devotees to have good luck, and enjoy more and greater opportunities in life. Other purported effects include:

  • Mahasaneh
    (Increased charm, inspiring infatuation and ardour from other people)
  • Mahametta
    (Increased experiences of love and kindness)
  • Mahaniyom
    (More popularity, repute and glory)
  • Improvements in physical appearance to others
  • Improvements in their luck and personal fortune
  • Improvement in sales skills, and smooth transactions
  • Success in the pursuit of any of their heart’s desires


Devotees should say prayers daily, and recite the Katha

. The Katha should be recited every morning and evening without fail. To use your Phra Lak Nathong amulets, circle your face with the amulet three times, and think of the person you are about to meet. This will enable you to charm that person with ease. Alternatively, you may also hold your cosmetic powder in your hands together with the amulet, recite the Katha, then apply it on your face in an upwards motion from chin to forehead. Apply the powder three times.


Katha for praying Phra Lak Nathong

Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahato Sammasamputtasa – 3x
Om prapak phra lak nathong suwanputphong
Nathong phrapak chai hen chai rak
Sao hen sao rak
Puyai hen gor rak pah gan somanut
Krai hen krai gor rak
Roojak gu tuan nar mai wa krai
Na jab jit mo jab jai
Put yong yai tah long lai
Ya rong hai mahagu
Pa sa samma pati tak tarmi
Om phra laeng pen saeng phralak prha lersi jab pak kah
Phra lak jab na jab tah sawaha na hen nar gu yoo mai dai
Mo rong hai kruan kraang
Put kord wai mi krai ja wang
Tah kruan kraang sa aeun hai
Ya long lai nai jit
Ying dai chai dai dai peng pid
Hen nar gu kor yoo mi dai,
Rong hai maha gu
om sitthi keh gu sawaha,
aehi chaiya
aehi suppa peh chanah
pahu chanah aehi

The katha is loosely translated as;
Oh Golden Faced Deity, your face is so radiant
When men see you, they will adore you
When ladies see u, they will fall in love with you
Seniors and superiors will favour you
Everybody who sees you, will adore you
Everybody will know my name
Will be impressed
Will fall in love
If you are upset, lamenting and crying, the Triple Gems will be your refuge

Chant for 3 times and then bring the amulet to circle around the face 3x clockwise.


Batch B.E. 2549 of Phra Lak Nathong amulets (Krop Xian Phra Lak B.E. 2549)

Blessing Ceremony


Xian Phra Lak Nathong, Batch B.E. 2549

In crevice located at the crown of the deity, you may offer a precious gem. It will please the deity and bring additional luck to the devotee. Depending on which day of the week you are born, different gems apply.

Sunday – Ruby
Monday – Pearl
Tuesday – Rose Quartz
Wednesday – Emerald
Thursday – Yellow
Friday – Blue
Saturday – Black

  1. Metal type, 2,999 pieces

Material: Metal mixed with powdered Phra Lak mask used in traditional dance, fragments of 9 types of gems, and silver takrut



Pic: Phra Lak Nathong amulet, Batch B.E. 2549

2. Powder type, 4,999 pieces

Material: Special powder mixed with powdered Phra Lak mask used in traditional dance and silver takrut.

Pic: Phra Lak Nathong Powder type made 4,999 pieces


3. Phayant

B.E. 2549 made 2,999 pieces.



4. Takrut Phra Lak Nathong

, Batch B.E. 2549 made 4,999 pieces
Pic: Takrut Phra Lak Nathong, Batch B.E. 2549

Batch 2550 of Phra Lak Nathong amulets

Blessing Ceremony


  1. Powder mixed with herbs (Nur Phong
    , 108 types of Mahawan
    mixed with gold from Bang Saphan, some materials such flowers, herbs used in offering ceremony of Krop Xian) and added to the amulet. 29,999 pieces of these were made.


2. Copper mixed with smelted material from old amulets, and powdered Phra Lak mask added to the amulet. 29,999 pieces of these were made.

3. 2 inch Copper Takrut were mixed with special powder, and added to the amulet, which was then plastered with gold leaf. 29,999 pieces of these were made.

4. With a 9 face Phayant in hues of yellow, pink, white. 29,999 pieces were made.

Pic: Phayant 9 Face, White Colour




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