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Phaya Main Tahka Gob Kam (King of Frog that brings growth / fortune) made by Phra Ajarn Apiwat InnTahWanno of Wat TungPong, Mae Hong Son Province

Phaya Main Tahka Gob Kam (King of Frog that brings growth / fortune) made by Phra Ajarn Apiwat InnTahWanno of Wat TungPong, Mae Hong Son Province

This amulet originates from Tai Yai, and has a folk legend connected to it – the story of “Montahka Arlong Gob Kam

”. As the story goes, there once lived an enchanted frog that was able to bring back the dead. It was said the frog was even able to revive itself after being eaten alive by a deity. It was an enchantment that was highly sought after in all realms. Whoever possessed these skills was worshipped as a King.


In those tumultuous days, spirits, humans and animals were often at war. Whenever any side suffered casualties, the fallen would be brought before the frog to be brought back to life. The frog realized that this would be an endless cycle, and preached about peace and the happiness it brings to everyone involved in the war, hoping to end it once and for all.


After years of strife, and through the prolonged efforts of the frog, the war finally ended. Out of respect and reverence for the frog that had brought them peace, the survivors used gold and Keaw Kao Pragarn

(9 types of precious gems) to build a castle for it, and crowned it King. Thus, the Tai Yai regard this amulet, named for the mythical frog-king, as a bringer of peace, happiness, wealth, and recovery from unfortunate circumstances.


Another origin story came from China. In ancient times, farmers observed that frogs hibernated during the winter, and came back to life in spring. Thus, they regarded frogs as an auspicious animal that brought an end to the winter cold, and served as the emissary of renewal and the harvest in spring.


Phra Ajarn Apiwat InnTahWanno of Wat TungPong, Mae Hong Son Province made this Phaya Gob Kam

out of holy wood, before inserting Parod (mercury) and plastering it with Pidthong
(gold foil). 3 consecration ceremonies were carried out;


  1. The first blessing was conducted on the day of the solar eclipse on 1 September B.E.2559
  2. A second blessing was completed on the night of the lunar eclipse on 16 September B.E.2559.
  3. A final Phithi Chanpen (Full Moon Ceremony) was conducted on 14 November B.E.2559.


Pic: Phra Ajarn Apiwat of Wat TungPong
(Picture sponsored by โหน่ง มาแว้วววว มาแว้วววว)


Methods of Use:

Here are several ways to worship Phaya Gob Kam:

  1. When you first bring Phaya Gob Kam into your house, place the holy item on a mat and bathe it with fragrant water (water steeped with sacred flowers). Position the frog facing the entrance of your house, and speak to it in a soft, sweet voice. Pray, and ask for what you desire. Following which, locate a spot in the house where the morning sunlight will shine directly onto the frog, and set it up there. Pay your respects to the frog with a glass of tea. One day soon, should you happen to hear the sound of a frog croaking, pray to the frog and reiterate what you have wished for. It will be granted shortly.
  2. If you wish to worship the frog in your shop, place it on a mat and bathe it with fragrant water. Position the frog facing the outside of your shop, and speak to it in a soft, sweet voice. Pray for what you desire, and pay your respects with a glass of tea. When you hear the sound of a frog croaking, pray to the frog and ask for good business. You will soon experience good fortune and effortless sales.
  3. If you want to increase your wealth, and enjoy a steady flow of income, keep the frog where you store your money or jewelry.
  4. If you need to travel, stop over, or reside in another location, keep yourself safe by carrying Phaya Gob Kam and a bottle of fragrant water or perfume on you. Before you go to sleep, take out the frog and the perfume and place them close by. Pray to it and chant “The Salutations to The Buddha” (refer to the article on Salutations to the Triple Gems), then ask for Phaya Gob Kam to keep you safe.
  5. If you seek improvements in your business, or success, stability and acceptance in your career, place Phaya Gob Kam on your work desk.
  6. If you have to travel to or stay in a place that has evil spirits, wear the Phaya Gob Kam, or keep it close to your body. When you feel it vibrating or pulsating, do not fear. Chant “The Salutations to The Buddha”, and ask Lord Buddha and Phaya Gob Kam to help keep you safe.
  7. If you are a pregnant, pray to Phaya Gob Kam with 5 water lilies, then soak them in Sompoi
    water. Bathing with this holy mixture every day will ensure a smooth delivery and a bright child.


Note: To make Sompoi water, dilute powdered Sompoi herb. This is obtained from drying the fruit pods of the Acacia Concinna tree, and grinding them into powder. Sompoi is readily available in traditional medicine shops across Thailand.


Pic: The Acacia Concinna tree
(Picture Refences: CHAISAX/


Pic: Sompoi water
(Picture Refences: Quality Stock Atrs/


8. If you wear Phaya Gob Kam, it will bless you with Metta Mahasaneh and you will be well-liked by everyone. You will be blessed with good luck and good fortune.


Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Samma Sambuddhassa (x3)

(“The Salutations to The Buddha”)

Itipiso Bhagawa, Arahang, Samma Samputto, Wicha Jarana Sampanno, Sukhato, Logawitu, Anuttaro Purisa Thamma Sarathi, Sattha Tewa Manussanang, Putto, Pakawati



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