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Mee Suppok Sombat Perm Mak Mee Ta Wee Koon, Parodkror Jai Klang Wang First (No details of Batch Name) and Second Batch (Roon Mae Tub)

Mee Suppok Sombat Perm Mak Mee Ta Wee Koon, Parodkror Jai Klang Wang First (No details of Batch Name) and Second Batch (Roon Mae Tub)

These amulets were crafted by Luang Pu Kruba Phor Sri Sujitto

of Samnak PattibatTam Barn Sob Gong
, Tambon Ban Bpow
, Ampur Muang Lampang
, Changwat Lampang
. The first batch was produced in B.E. 2559, and the second batch (Roon Mae Tub), in B.E. 2560.


Pic: Kruba Sri


The amulets originated in the YoNok

Chiang Sean
period (B.E. 2382), and were considered the best Kreung Rang from that that period. The people of the Lanna region called it NuoiBaPoi
. Parodkror Jai Klang Wang could only be placed under the middle compound of the Phra Ubosot or Grand Palace, and only a single piece would be buried there.

It has the ability to increases the luck of the bearer, and to invite all the Tewada

to reside in a premises to protect, support, as well as warn occupants of approaching danger and calamity. A particular Parodkror possesses the ability of Krop Jakkawan, a weapon against evil and untoward circumstances provided by Tao Kohsi (Lord Indra). Placing it within a premises, yields a 7 yoch (112km) radius of protection. It also holds the ability of Saniat Janrai (continuous stroke of misfortune), Appamongkhon (inauspiciousness), Tookpai (sorrow arising from danger or harm), Kror Gam (bad destiny). Owning one dug out from under an ancient temple or palace would be very fortunate indeed!

As testament to the amulet’s prowess, PonTamRuadTri

(Police Major General) Khun Pan Rachadej
was known to have asked his son to locate one of these Parodkror, and carry it with him for protection.


Pic: Tao Kohsi (Lord Indra)
(Picture References: Sarapao/



Consecration by Kruba Phor Sri

Currently, only Kruba Phor Sri

possesses a Tamra from Kruba Nanta
detailing the process of crafting this specific Parodkror. He has the knowledge, capabilities and focus to produce potent examples of Parodkror, a fact that even his Teacher, Kruba Nanta, recognised while he was still alive. Kruba Sri once created a Parodkror for his Teacher to assess. When Kruba Nanta held and examined it, he commented, “Ple ya dai terng ti sood
”. Translated, it may be roughly understood that Kruba Nanta commended him on his unique prowess at the art form, and was both surprised and impressed by Kruba Sri’s skill in successfully creating the Parodkror.


Kruba Nanta instructed Kruba Sri to only craft more Parodkror after he had attained Niroj Samabat for the 3rd time and solely to assist other people. At that stage, Kruba Sri would have attained Baramee BomRop PooTam (perfection or completeness of specific virtues leading him towards purity and the end goal of total enlightenment).


Pic: (left) Kruba Sri and Kruba Nanta, (right) Parodkror Jai Klang Wang first batch


Kruba Sri was 87 years old when he created the first batch of Parodkror, in B.E. 2559. He used 9 types of unidentified metal (loha atan) for the alchemic process. He used a process named “Glom dang duang kasin

(Glom – round, Duang – heart, kasin – the 4 elements) long (placed in) hua jai
(heart) puttatham
(Buddha) and hua jai (heart) mahatad
(temple holding relics)” to incorporate the material within the Parodkror. We can conclude, based off existing literature, that Kruba Sri created the amulet in a round shape reminiscent of the two halves on a heart (the amulet is not perfectly round), inscribed with characters representing the 4 elements of the universe (Earth, Fire, Water, Air). He then imbued them with Buddha’s blessings. Kruba Sri placed a phrataat into the core of the amulet, making them resemble a temple holding relics (phrataat).


Pic: Parodkror Jai Klang Wang, from the second batch (Roon Mae Tub) of amulets. These are made of a yellowish metallic alloy (Nur Thongsuk Plang SeeLeung)


Pic: Parodkror Jai Klang Wang, from the second batch (Roon Mae Tub), made from an alloy of 9 different metals (Nur Nawa Loha)

Strange Occurrences

Before the final consecration of the first batch of Parodkror was even completed, it summoned rain, lighting and thunder, even in the face of a blazing sun. The storm seemed to appear out of nowhere. This was a sign of the Tewada lending their power to Kruba Sri, imbuing it within the Parodkror. After completing the consecration, another strange incident happened. The electricity throughout the temple tripped, and the newly-consecrated Parodkror shook vigorously, as if they were absorbing all the power from their surroundings.


Pic: (left) Kruba Sri consecrating the first batch of Parodkror, (right) Kruba Sri consecrating the second batch of Parodkror


The process of crafting Parodkror has always been known to be particularly difficult. As such, they are valued for their potency. They were strategically placed under the temple or palace, with the following intended effects:

1) Jarern Ngok Ngam Keun – increasing the land’s auspiciousness
2) Mee Suppohk Sombat Perm Mak Mee Ta Wee Koon – growing the assets of the land
3) Dtern Pai Antarai Khaseuk Poorai – Warning against danger, intruders or enemies
4) PanhaUpasak

– warding off problems and obstacles


According to Kruba Sri, Parodkror will ring to warn you of impending danger or calamity. To use them, they should be placed on your table, worshipped on your altar, or be worn on your body, above waist level. A Parodkror brings these benefits:

1. Metta,
2. Mahaniyom,
3. The poor will become rich
4. The unfortunate and downtrodden will see their fortunes lifted
5. If they so wish, the unmarried will find a loving partner.
6. Couples who experience difficulty conceiving, will be blessed with children.
7. Reconciliation of marital conflicts
8. The ignorant will become wise
9. The unworthy will become worthy and gain the support of others
10. Placing a Parodkror on your company’s marquee will ensure its success. If you place the Parodkror under the Buddha’s statue, you will experience good luck and be surrounded by people who will help and support you.
11. For businesses experiencing difficulties, the Parodkror will turn the business around. Just place the Parodkror on the company’s signboard or on the premises, worship it, and witness your fortunes improve.


Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Sammasamputtasa – 3x
Then recite the Botsuad Phra Puttakoon, Botsuad Phra Thammakoon, Botsuad Phra Sangkakoon (Refer to our free article on this katha).


Then recite:
Tousa mani ni ma satu
Sa ma ni tu


Credits: Information researched from Kruba Sri’s temple website on Facebook;

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