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How to introduce a Guman Thong into your Home (Advice from Luang Phor Tae of Wat Sam Ngam)

How to introduce a Guman Thong into your Home (Advice from Luang Phor Tae of Wat Sam Ngam)


How to introduce a Guman Thong into your Home (Advice from Luang Phor Tae of Wat Sam Ngam)


Luang Phor Tae, Wat Sam Ngam


Luang Phor Yeam, Wat Sam Ngam (Disciple of Luang Phor Tae)


Guman Thong statue 2nd batch, from Luang Phor Tae


Before inviting a Guman Thong

into your house, it is imperative that you take special care to inform Mae Thoranee
(Mother Earth), the Guardian Deities, and the Buddhist saints in your household shrine, to seek their permission and blessings. This advice regarding how to effectively do so, originates from Luang Phor Tae of Wat Sam Ngam


Before you enter the house with your new Guman Thong, light 16 or 21 sticks of incense, and offer a garland of flowers. Recite the incantation“namo tutsa phakhawato arahato samma samphutthatsa

” three times, and then while grasping the incense with your right hand, and slapping the ground with your left hand three times, say “u ka sa, u ka sa, u ka sa
”. Proceed to notify Mother Earth (Mae Thoranee) and the Guardian Spirits with this declaration;


thorranee jao kha, jao thee jao thang thee yu pra cham rue mai pra cham kor dee, than ja pen chai kor dee, ying kor dee, phu thao rue dek kor dee, yu leaw rue yang jao kha – yu leaw jao kha, muea than yu leaw, look khor bok kao kab than wa, wan nee, look khor nam pha look guman khao ma lieng doo yu nai ban lang nee, khor than prod metta perd tang lae hai khao ork dai doy sa duak, lae khor hai look guman, tid tam pai dai thook hon thook hang naja, mae thorranee lae than jao thee jao kha – ue, lae hak maen wa look guman son pai bang tam pra sa dek khor tha prod la thot, metta pranee hai kab look guman duay na jao kha – ue, sathu


This may be loosely translated as, “Dear Earth Goddess and all Guardian Deities, male and female, young and old…today I would like to invite a Guman Thong to live with me. Please grant his access to our home, and allow him to accompany me everywhere. If he is mischievous, please do not punish him, but be merciful and kind to him instead. Thank you.”

Following this, recite these words to your Guman Thong; look ja, krab sathu tha mae thorranee lae than jao thee, thee than jai dee mee metta na, oah la khao ban kab mae/phor

(females should be referred to by mae, and males as phor) na look rak


This may be translated as, “My son, give thanks to Mother Earth Goddess and the Guardian Deities, for their kindness towards you. Please enter my life and be with me always, my lovely child.”

After completing the incantation, bring the Guman Thong to the to the predetermined location, and light 5 sticks of incense, while you assign him his/her an auspicious name with the following declaration;

jao guman khong mae/phor (for female/male, repeat throughout) ery, tor pai nee jao chue +(insert name for Guman Thong here) lae tor pai nee khon nee khue mae/phor khong jao, ja riak jao wa + (insert his name here), ma yu thee ban hai chuay kan doo lae ban fau ban hai dee, chuay kan tam ma ha kin na, laew mae/phor ja sue khong len hai, pai nai kor pai duay kan, wela mae/phor kin ah rai kor kin duay kan, mai tong ror hai mae/phor anuyat, yak dai ah rai yak kin ah rai ma bok mae/phor.

(Note: females owners should be referred to by mae, and males as phor)


The words above may be loosely translated as, “Guman Thong, my son, I am now your Mother/ Father, and I will name you (insert name here). Please stay with me, watch over my home as if it is your own, and help me to live my life well. I will reward you with toys. We will travel everywhere together, and share our food. You will never need my permission to partake, nor have to wait for me. Tell me whatever you desire and I will give it to you.”

Should you welcome any additional Gumans into your life, you must first inform your existing Guman through the following declaration; jao + the names of all your old Guman, wan nee mae/phor(female/male) nam nong khao ma yu duay na, yu duay kan kor rak kan na, chuay kan doo lae ban, ha ngeun ha thong, ya tha lor kan na


This may be translated as; “My boys, today I bring you a new brother. Please live in harmony, do not fight, and work together to watch over my home and wealth.”

The offering for Guman; red soft drink [A], desserts such as Thong Yib

[B], Thong Yod
[C], and Foi Thong
[D], milk [F], or plain water [G]. There is no need to offer in large quantites, as Guman Thong prefer to partake in small servings, unlike the gluttonous tendencies of their human familiars.


The Katha to invite a Guman Thong into your life, by Wat Sam Ngam


namo tutsa phakhawato arahato samma samphutthatsa (repeat 3 times)
phut tat sa bucha, tham mat sa bucha, sang khat sa bucha, pati pati bucha, pha wan tu mey,
u ka sa, u ka sa, kha pha jao khor wai tukkata thong, khor jong ma bang kert yu nai chak su thawan, nai mano thawan, nai kai thawan,hang kha pa jao, khor decha, kha pha jao dai bamphen kuson ma tae ah nek ah nan tha chat, kert dui tukkata thong, lap prakarn jong ma bang kert kae kha pha jao, thang paed thid nueang nueang, jong ma thook wan ya dai khat sak ka ra nan lei,hai muen ong tukkata thong nan terd


This incantation may be roughly translated as “ I wish to pay my respects to Tukkata Thong. Please reside in my eyes, heart, and body. All the merits I have made, I dedicate to you. Please turn fortunes in my favor everywhere I may roam, and do not neglect to help me in every way.”

Pray for all your deepest desires, and then prostrate yourself three times.



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