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Guman Thong Dood Rok ( “Sucking The Umbilical C ord , In Utero” ) by Luang Phor Sai, Wat NamWijit, Changwat Srisaket

Guman Thong Dood Rok ( “Sucking The Umbilical C ord , In Utero” ) by Luang Phor Sai, Wat NamWijit, Changwat Srisaket

Luang Phor Sai

is an expert of old Khmer Wicha (see our article about him here).  His considerable knowledge resulted in a particularly efficacious batch of Guman Thong in the year B.E. 2545.  Only 1000 pieces were made. Although many materials were used in the making of these Guman Thong, he prescribed these 5 ingredients as the most important:


  1. Din Jed Pah Char (soil from 7 different cemeteries)
  2. Phong Mai Tim Pee Dtai Tang Klom(a piece of wood that had been used to stab a pregnant women who died before childbirth)
  3. Phong Lukkrok Tee Dtai Tang Klom (the stillborn feotus inside a dead woman)
  4. Kee Tao Kong Fon Pao Pee Dtai Tang Klom (ashes, and dried leaf and straw residue, collected from the funeral pyre of a young pregnant girl.)
  5. Hua Wan Guman Thong Dtak Heang Bod (the powdered root of a herb, harvested and dried under the sun)


Pic: Portion of the Scadoxus Multiflorus plant used an ingredient
(Picture reference: left-Natalia van D/ Shutterstock, right-GOLFX/ Shutterstock)


Each Guman Thong was hand-made by Luang Phor Sai. These ingredients were carefully selected to serve as a powerful host for the Guman Thong spirits, who were then invited to occupy the amulets through an incantation by Luang Phor. Upon completion of the ritual, the Guman Thong gained enough power to attract never-ending financial resources to their owners

There are 3 Takrut housed behind each amulet. The first takrut is Prai Guman (Baby’s Ashes), Takrut Nam Choke (“May Luck Always Be On Your Side”), Takrut Perm Sup

(“May Money Always Flow Towards You”).


One should always recite Katha before invoking a Guman Thong, and care for them like they are your own children. The better care a Guman Thong receives, the more potent the magical effect on the owner’s life. Remember to invite your Guman Thong to eat often, and reward them with sweets, snacks and/ or juices whenever your wishes are granted.


Pic: Guman Thong Dood Rok by Luang Phor Sai, Wat NamWijit


Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Sammasamputtasa – 3x

Jijay ru ni, jittang jay tak si

Gang roo pang, arkut chah ya,

Arkut chah hi, ae hi ae hi

Na ma pa ta, na ma pa ta, na ma pa ta, na ma pa ta

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