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Phra Kring Kieow Keaw B.E. 2547 by Luang Phor Kalong, Wat Khao Leam

Phra Kring Kieow Keaw B.E. 2547 by Luang Phor Kalong, Wat Khao Leam

In B.E. 2546, Luang Phor Kalong

was supervising the construction of some Ubosot near Wat Khao Leam
, a project he initiated. The progress however, was slow, and he was worried about delays. To make matters worse, he was also rapidly running out of funds.

The solution came to him a few nights later. While resting after his prayers and meditation, he had a vision. A deity appeared before the Buddha statue in his room, dressed in the white garb of a Brahmin, and emitting a white light that shone brighter and brighter, eventually graduating to a soft golden aura. As the light spread, the Brahmin’s features began to reveal themselves.

The Brahmin spoke, telling Luang Phor Kalong that if he made a batch of amulets in his likeness, he would be able to raise enough funds to complete the project.

The next day, Luang Phor Kalong told his luksit (disciple) that he wanted to make a batch of Phra Kring. A skilled craftsman was engaged, who carefully crafted a mould according to Luang Phor Kalong’s description of the deity who had appeared before him, and refining it many times until Luang Phor was satisfied with its likeness.

Luang Phor Kalong once said that this Phra Kring was the most potent of all the amulets he had created. In B.E. 2485, he followed his teacher, Luang Phor Niam, Wat Naboon

to take part in the consecration of Phra Chinnaraj Indochine
at Phra Ubosot Wat Suthat
. At the ceremony, Luang Phor Kalong met Somdej Phra Sangkharaj Pae
, the Zhao Awat of Wat Suthat.

This encounter enabled him to have the chance to be acquainted with the venerable monks in Wat Suthat. Somdej Phra Sangkharaj Pae is renowned for making the best Phra Kring even till this day. The method for creating efficacious Phra Kring came from Tamra Garn Sang Phra Kring

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that was passed down from generations in Wat Suthat. The secret was also taught to Luang Phor Kalong by Phra Mongkhon RachMuni (Sohn YaTiTharo)
, also known as Zhao Khun Sri, the Zhao Awat of Wat Suthat after Somdej Phra Sangkaraj Pae.


He had stockpiled powerful material since B.E. 2485, hoping to use them to create an ultimate batch of amulets. He also compiled and recorded 1008 Akara Lek Yant (1008 magical inscriptions) found in old Samood Khoi (old magical textbooks made from the bark of the Streble Asper Lour tree) that had been handed down to him by his teachers.



There were many rare materials that went into the making of this Phra Kring:

  1. Jow NamNgern
    – peacock ore, which Luang Phor had kept for 50 years2)
  2. Takua Nom – a shiny, malleable lead
  3. Parod Satu –mercury, similar to lek lai
  4. Sangkahsee – zinc
  5. Thong Daeng Tearn – 700 year-old Red Copper, acquired by his student from a sunken ship near Chantaburi
  6. Silver
  7. Gold
  8. Parod Dam– black mercury from Laos
  9. Lek Nam Pee Bor Phra Seang Utaradit – mineral found in natural wells (Bor) from Utaradit Province
  10. Reh Bangpai
    – minerals from Klong Bang Kulad
  11. Reh Koh Lan
    (a mineral from Koh Lan)
  12. Minerals from Khao Phrom ChaNgae
    , Phetchaburi
  13. Old, surplus material from Phra Kring at Wat Suthat
  14. Old, surplus material from Phra Kring at Wat Bowon
  15. Old, surplus material from Phra Kring at Wat Arun
  16. Old, surplus material from Phra Kring Luang Phor Kasem, Changwat Lampang
  17. Surplus material from the Phra Kring of 300 Ajarn
  18. 300 takrut from the first batch made in B.E. 2500 by Luang Phor Kalong

3 types of moulds were created:

199 pieces of Nur Phra Puttaroop Khom leh Tewaroop Khom Pan Pee – all of the aforementioned material, with ancient metal from old statues in Cambodia added
999 pieces of Nur Nawa Loha Teh Boran Fang Thong Kam Swiss – all of the aforementioned material, housed in a crown and vase made of Swiss gold
1999 pieces of Nur Nawa Loha Teh Boran Piew Fai

– a regular mould containing the 18 materials listed above
Pic: Left, Nawa Loha Teh Boran Fang Thong Kam Swiss – the crown of the Phra Kring and its vase are made of Swiss gold. 999 pieces were made.
Pic: Right, Nur Phra Puttaroop Khom leh Tewaroop khom pan pee – with additional material containing ancient metal from old statues in Cambodia. 199 pieces were made.


Pic: Jow NamNgern Pic: Takua Nom
(Picture References: (left) Dafinchi/, (right) papa1266/
Pic: Examples of Sangkahsee minerals
(Picture References: (left) Jiri Vaclavek/, (right) Luklinski Grzegorz/


Pic: Lek Nam Pee


Pic: Examples of Reh Bangpai
(Picture References: (left & right) Sakdinon Kadchiangsaen/

8 ceremonies were conducted to consecrate the amulets:

  1.  Phithi Jan Akara Lek Yant
    B.E. 2546 – write sacred characters on metal sheets
  2. Phithi LorLom MuanSarn RehTard Pen Yant TangTang
    – melt all materials
  3. Phithi Artithan PraJu PuttaKhom
    – meditative blessing carried out for 3 months by Luang Phor Kalong
  4. Phithi Teh Thong Lor Phra Kring Leh Phra Chai Na Monthon Phithi Wat Khao Leam
    September B.E. 2547 – to pour the melted materials into Phra Kring mould
  5. Arthitan Jit PraJu PuttaKhom Pluksek Deow
    – another meditative blessing carried out by Luang Phor
  6. Phithi Jerm Peng Pluksek Noon Tard Duai Mon Kieow Keaw Tee Phra Kring leh Phra Chai Tee La Ong
    – a katha was recited for each piece
  7. Phithi PuttaPisek inside Phra Ubosot, Wat Suthat Thep Wahraram
    – Blessing carried out in Wat Suthat
  8. Phithi Maha PuttaPisek, Wathu Mongkhon, Roon Kieow Keaw
    at Wat Khao Leam, Friday 26th Nov B.E. 2547 – Mass blessings carried out with many Phra Geji Ajarn monks and Luang Phor Kalong in Wat Khao Leam


    Pic: Poster write up on the Phra Kring created by Luang Phor Kalong


Pic: Poster depicting some of the materials that went into the smelting of the Phra Kring amulets and statues, moulding and consecration processes, and the Ubosot that Luang Phor Kalong wished to build from the collected funds of the sale of the amulets.
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