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Jan Namman Chatree, Precious Potion by Luang Pu Lersi Ling Dam

Jan Namman Chatree, Precious Potion by Luang Pu Lersi Ling Dam



Namman Chatree
Precious Potion by Luang Pu Lersi Ling Dam



Biography of Luang Pu Lersi Ling Dam

The man who would be Luang Pu Lersi Ling Dam, was born Sangwian Sangsuwan

, on June 28, 1947. He was the third child of Mr. Kuang
and Mrs. Somboon Sangsuwan
. He was born in Salee
Subdistrict, Bang Plama
District, Suphanburi


When he was 15 years old, went to live with his grandmother at Thonburi

Province, where he was trained in the art of traditional medicine.


At 19, he became a naval pharmacist in the Department of Naval Medical Affairs, before being ordained at Wat Bang Nom Kho

Temple at age 20, where he studied the Dhamma, passing the Naktam ChanAke
at the age of 23.


Thus began the next phase of his mastery. Between 1947 to 1961, he sought out and studied meditation from a plethora of renowned teachers, such as Luang Phor Pan of Wat Bang Nom Kho

, Luang Phor Jong of Wat Natangnok
, Phra Ajarn Lek Kasaro of Wat Bang Nom Kho
, Phra Kru Ratana Phirom of Wat Ban Pan
, Phra Kru Udom Samajarn of Wat Namtao
, Luang Phor Soon of Wat Bang Plamor
, Luang Phor Niem of Wat Noi
, Luang Phor Nong of Wat Amphawan
, Luang Phor Rueang of Wat Mai Phin Sawan
, and many more.


Throughout his life, Luang Phor had a hand in the construction of a veritable cornucopia of public infrastructures, such as hospitals and schools. His charitable contributions to the community did not stop there. He also helped establish rice banks, and blessed soldiers and border patrols, even giving them sacred objects, up until his passing in October 1992. One of his most lasting legacies, however, remains his sacred and potent Namman Chatree oil, a spiritual cure-all known for its astounding healing effects.

Techniques for Application

Before using, invoke the Baramee

(virtue) of all Buddhas and Pacceka Buddhas, as well as noble monks, Brahma, deities, and the Geji Ajarn
Luang Por Pan, of Wat Bang Nom Kho Temple, as well as Luang Por Lersi Ling Dam himself. Repeat this Katha


namo tutsa phakhawato arahato samma samphutthatsa

(3 time)


phutthang saranang khutchami
thammang saranang khutchami
sangkhang saranang khutchami

it thi rit,phut tha ni mit tang,
khor dae cha dae chang,khor det dae cha,
jong ma pen tee peung kae ma a u nee duay thed



The sacred power of the spell imbues and amplifies the healing powers of the oil. The oil may be either applied or ingested, according to the kind of treatment sought. The dosage for oral ingestion is one teaspoon a day. Once ingested, if you are overcome by chills, the oil is working. A hot sensation after ingestion or application, however, means that the oil is ineffective against the ailment being treated.

More than just a cure-all, however, the application of Namman Chatree may also be used to invite auspiciousness and prosperity. Simply dab some of the oil on your head once a day, using a joss stick. This method also works for anointing vehicles.

A word to the wise, do not ever allow your precious bottle of oil to be depleted. Be careful to constantly top it up with coconut or sesame oil, to preserve its potency.


Namman Chatree oil in Practice

Some of the most vivid accounts of the usage of Namman Chatree oil may be found in the book “Looksit Bantuek Lem Haa”

(Or “Memories of a Disciple, Vol.5”).


The cover of the book “Looksit Bantuek Lem Haa”


In the book, one Chaliew Arnawan

related an account relating to a time when she was working amongst tall stacks of boxes. One day, a particularly enormous box came tumbling down, striking her in the back and hurting her in the process. Chaliew, however, happened to be Namman Chatree adherent, who had been actively using the oil at that point in time. She quietened the foreboding dread of being badly hurt in her mind, saying a silent prayer of “Na Mo Put Ta Ya”
. In an instant, she felt a tremendous weight lift off her shoulders. She had been totally healed, with nary any hint of the injury that had, just moments before, befallen her.


On another occasion, she slipped and fell in a parking lot. Fearing of fracturing her left wrist in the process, she instinctively reached for her Namman Chatree oil, and applied it to the injury. Miraculously, the injury healed.

The most significant of the account she gave in the book, was from 2002. After taking a nasty fall from a height, she emerged completely unscathed, even reporting that she had felt a sensation akin to falling onto cushions. Chaliew attributed all of the above events to the Namman Chatree oil by Luang Pu Lersi Ling Dam that she carried at all times.

Esoteric science does not seek to eradicate nor disprove modern medical science. It serves as a catalyst and support, enhancing your chances of a full recovery. One should exercise discretion when hedging your bets with the application of either, as some mysteries in the vastness of our universe, have yet to be fully comprehended.




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