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Yant Takor Luang Pu Sood Wat Kalong

Yant Takor Luang Pu Sood Wat Kalong


Yant Takor by Luang Pu Sood, Wat Kalong


Luang Pu Sood

or Phrakru Samuttham Soonthorn (Sood Siritharo)
, of at Wat Kalong
temple, Samutsakorn
province, is a famous Thai Geji
, widely-renowned in the amulet world. He learnt sorcery under the tutelage of many famous masters, such as Luang Pu Mao of Wat Klang Phanomphrai
; under whom he ordained as a novice, Luang Pu Rung of Wat Tha Krabue
temple, and Luang Pu Khong of Wat Bang Kraphom
, a renowned maker of Takrut
(Read more about the master in our article “The Biography of Luang Pu Sood, Wat Kalong”).


Luang Pu Sood, was the progenitor of the Yant Takor talisman. These yant were imbued with their powers through repeated chanting by Luang Phor Sood, utilizing a litany of Khmer, Cambodian, and Lao spells. These spells were said to render users invulnerable to bullets or fire.

Neung Samutsakorn

(หนึ่ง สมุทรสาคร in Thai), a longtime collector, researcher, and enthusiast of Luang Phor Sood’s talismans, provided the following breakdown of the spells contained within each Yant Takor:


  1.  The center of the talisman is Arahang, Phuttho, Na-U-Ta-Rang, Pittu, U, Pittang
    ; Na-U-Ta-Rang, Pittu, U, Pittang, which is the Katha Maha Ut
  2. The next ring features a yant that begins at the top of the coin, which reads Arahang Phutthasangmi, Namaphata, Arahang Phutthasangmi, Karamatha, Arahang Phutthasangmi, Girimithi, Arahang Phutthasangmi, Japhakasa
    , in a clockwise direction. Phutthasangmi, refers to Tri Sarana Khom
    . Namaphata refers to the 4 elements of earth, water, air, and fire. Karamatha and Kirimithi refer to the Katha Huajai Si Ker
    that are widely used in the crafting of Takrut
    . Japhakasa refer to the Katha Huajai That Korrani
    , drawn from the proverbs of the Lord Buddha.
  3. The next line consists of four sets of characters, Na Ma Na A, Nor Kor Na Ka, Kor Or Nor A, and Na A Ka Ang
    . These are the Katha Huajai Phrajao Sibhok Phra Ong
    , that imbue outstanding levels of Kongkraphan
    and Metta Mahaniyom
  4. The next line consists of four sets of characters, Ut Thang, Aut Thoh, Thoh Ut, and Thang Aut
    . Ut Thang and Aut Thoh
    are the main characters of Katha Maha Ut
    . The inclusion of Thoh Ut and Thang Aut
    are meant to reinforce and enhance the strength of the spell.
  5. The last set of inscriptions surrounds the entire talisman. These are read as Na Ut Ta Rang Wa, Pa Ti Kha Ta Ya
    . Na Ut Ta Rang
    , are the characters of Katha Maha Ut. Pa Ti Kha Ka Ya
    represent spells cut from seven mythological chapters of the Dhamma, meant to emphasize adherence.


Neung Samutsakorn explains that all the spells featured on this talisman, point towards Katha Maha Ut, thus making the talisman ideal for imbuing Maha Ut

, Klaew Klad
, and Kongkraphan
, keeping their owners safe from all forms of danger.


The Sacredness of Yant Takor by Luang Pu Sood, Wat Kalong

There are many tales of the sanctity brought about by Yant Takor

, and many firsthand accounts are often from his disciples themselves. The story that really cemented its reputation however, involves a bandit. Tee Yai
, a famous outlaw, often attributed his innumerable narrow escapes from the law, to his cherished Yant Takor.


The sign that the police used to announce the hunting of Tee Yai
(Credits: Special thanks to Thai Rath News for the picture)


He was said to have sought out Luang Phor Sood’s Phayant Takor

and Takrut for protection. Despite being surrounded by hundreds of policemen, he managed to escape. People said that he had knowledge of the Wicha Long Hon
which allowed him to become invisible, and escape unnoticed. A little known fact however, was that he was an early student of Luang Phor Sood, years before he turned down a wayward path.


His ill repute was as widespread as the recognition of the amulet hanging around his neck, and his seeming invulnerability became the stuff of folk legend.

Even staring down a hail of bullets, he often escaped totally unscathed, no worse for wear compared to his accomplices, who would often spin tall yarns about their leader’s imperviousness to the bullets. This led to beliefs circulating regarding Luang Pu Sood’s amulets protection from bullets.


Tee Yai’s accomplices arrested by the police
(Credits: Special thanks to Thai Rath News for the picture)

In his last days, the beleaguered bandit was said to have sought out Luang Pu Sood at Wat Kalong, looking for a new amulet. His famed talisman has disappeared from his neck, some say as punishment for his wayward pursuits. On the day Tee Yai arrived however, Luang Phor Sood was not around. By the time his former master returned to the temple, Tee Yai already lay dead, gunned down by the police.


Tee Yai was killed by the police after he returned from the temple
(Credits: Special thanks to Thai Rath News for the picture)

His death became a hot topic in Thailand. Many people claimed that his failure to meet with Luang Pu Sood was the real reason behind his untimely demise, and perhaps Luang Phor Sood had already known this beforehand, resulting in his premeditated absence. He had fully intended to reverse the effects of his amulets protection, and allow his former pupil to answer for his own crimes.

This was just one of the many accounts related to Luang Phor Sood’s amulets. Several accounts also exist of the bodies of devotees who had been tattooed with his yant, being totally impervious to flame. Relatives would have to seek out the master to remove the sorcery, before cremation could be undertaken.

Though seemingly supernatural in nature, many similar sacred objects draw their substantial wellspring of power, from the devote pursuit of the Buddhist path. Misuse of their powers, in the pursuit of greed, passion, or other trivial pursuits, will more oft than not totally reverse their powers.

Ultimately, only a pure mind and pure heart, and a genuine love and empathy for the world, is key to unlocking the greatest powers of these mystical objects. Should you choose to mire yourself in darkness and sin, the laws of Karma will take over.




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