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Takrut PalangLokKatat, Serm Palangcheewit, Phra Ajarn Sompon Somwaro (Luang Phor Yai), Samnak Pah Pratam Yan Muni

Takrut PalangLokKatat, Serm Palangcheewit, Phra Ajarn Sompon Somwaro (Luang Phor Yai), Samnak Pah Pratam Yan Muni

The information below is translated from the temple’s pamphlet. Please use this information at your own discretion. Spiritual aids only support medical treatments, and are not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.


Pic : Takrut PalangLokKatat from Luang Phor Yai


Takrut PalangLokKatat

from Luang Phor Yai is made up of different types of Lek Lai, and is referred to as Serm Palangcheewit (meaning it possesses the ability to boost your luck, and make your life better). It derives its power from the Lek Lai that drips down from a cave. Luang Phor Yai harvested the Lek Lai personally, and they are reputed to have 59 different types of curative and preventative powers. These powers include:

1) Recovery from weakness and illness.
2) Correcting of Scoliosis
3) Lessening pains from muscle strains
4) Lessening neck strain from pinched nerves
5) Balancing your nervous system
6) Protection and healing of your endocrine system
7) Reducing depression and stress, and giving you mental clarity
8) Improving your appetite
9) Increasing concentration
10) Improving your stability, coordination and muscle strength
11) Accelerating wound healing
12) Protecting the integrity of your cellular structure, improving sleep in the process
13) Increasing your blood circulation
14) Strengthening immune systems impaired by cancer
15) Assisting in recovery from Paralysis
16) Increasing your vitality
17) Protecting you from electromagnetic radiation from phones, electric cables etc
18) Protecting you from acid attacks by increasing your body’s power 300 times. (possibly meaning it increases your body’s resistance to the attack)
19) Kongkrapan chatri

20) Metta Mahaniyom
21) Kan pai (protection against danger such as fire, accidents etc)
22) Dub pit fai (assist in neutralizing poison)
23) Fai far (avoiding electric shocks)

Note: If you are already carrying this takrut

and it effects seem muted, it might be the result of kum gao (Suffering from the effects of karma, possibly from the misdeeds of this life, or a previous one). If you constantly wish or do harm upon others, this amulet will also be useless. This amulet’s power will also diminish when carried by a consistently ungrateful person.
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