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Roop Lor Boran Lersi Pu Suea Nang Chan Khow Khanad Hoi Kor (necklaced size) Roon Jakkapat Narai, Teeraleuk Ngan Phithi Wai Kru B.E. 2551

Roop Lor Boran Lersi Pu Suea Nang Chan Khow Khanad Hoi Kor (necklaced size) Roon Jakkapat Narai, Teeraleuk Ngan Phithi Wai Kru B.E. 2551

The Lersi Pu Suea Nang Chan Khow, or “Tiger-Faced Lersi Resting His Arm on a Lifted Knee”, in the Khanad Hoi Kor (necklace sized) shape, was created by Luang Phor Kalong

in 2551. Luang Phor Kalong was said to have special affinity with this Lersi. As a result, these amulets made by Luang Phor Kalong, are especially efficacious.



Legend of Lersi Pu Suea’s interaction with Luang Phor Kalong

In his youth, Luang Phor Kalong was resolute in his goal to master wicha

and meditation practices, often venturing deep into the wilderness to engage in practices of austerity (tudong). During one of these journeys, he stopped to rest in a dilapidated, deserted temple in Singburi. This temple was Wat Dao Wadueng.


It was getting dark, and Luang Phor set up his klod (shade with mosquito net), preparing to enter deep meditation to pass the night. In the still of the darkness, an unusual incident occurred. A strong, sudden gust of wind blew through the temple, bringing with a might that sounded like the wail of a thousand screams. Unmoved, and with Samadhi

in his mind, Luang Phor passed through the night unharmed.


Pic: Picture reference of a monk meditating under his klod (shade with mosquito net) in the wilderness (Picture References:Makhh/


Undaunted, Luang Phor remained in that temple for a second night. Just like the first night, strange things began to happen after dark. This time, the pungent, rotting odour of corpses wafted through the temple. Thousands of huge black ants appeared, and stormed his klod. Luang Phor Kalong was unperturbed. He was well-versed in Sila, Samadhi and Panna, and using his Baramee and Saiyawejmon (arcane spells), he quickly subdued the phenomena.


On the third night, loud stomps echoed through the temple, and the floor shook around his klod, as if a giant were marching around it. Soon a shadow formed over him. Luang Phor Kalong opened his eyes and came face to face with an old man, whose eyes and appearance were equally ferocious. The old man’s face gradually transformed into the scowl of vicious, growling tiger.


The apparition spoke, and to Luang Phor Kalong’s surprise, enquired respectfully; “Venerable Sir, who are you, and why did you come here?”


The monk replied; “I am known as Kalong, and I am on a Tudong journey, practicing my meditation techniques, following the teachings of the Buddha, Dhamma and the Ariya Sangha.


The apparition, easing off his rage, confessed; “The phenomena you have encountered these past few nights were my doing. I summoned them because I thought you were intruding on this space to challenge me.”


The apparition revealed that he was Lersi Pu Suea. “I lived during the era of the 2nd King of Ayutthaya, half a millennia ago. We have practiced together as monks in another life. I was known as Luang Phor Krut

, and I specialized in the wicha of Suea Saming
. Because of the potency of the spells, I was transformed into a tiger-head Lersi. I became Lersi Pu Suea. After death, I remained in this form, and continued my practice till today. ”


In order to prove his legitimacy, Lersi Pu Suea brought Luang Phor to a big Ton Yang Yai

(a Hevea Brasiliensis, or Pará rubber tree). Beneath the ancient tree, he unearthed a secret chest of treasure. Within the chest, lay two golden Buddha statues, about 9-inches tall each. Lersi Pu Suea told Luang Phor Kalong that they had hidden this treasure together, to be used at a later time for further propagation of the Dhamma. Luang Phor Kalong was convinced, and decided to re-bury the treasure. News of the incident spread throughout the village like wildfire, and soon, the hunt was on for the hidden treasure. Nobody was ever able to locate it.


Pic: Buried beneath the tree was a hidden treasure chest (for illustrative purposes only) (Picture References:Imagine CG Images/

In B.E. 2513, Luang Phor Kalong built Wat Khao Laem

in Sa Kaeo
. One day, while Luang Phor Kalong was meditating in the temple, Lersi Pu Suea appeared, requesting to practice with him, just as they had done together in the past. Luang Phor relented. People in the area observed that Luang Phor Kalong was able to communicate with Lersi Pu Suea. A villager came to pray for luck in the lottery, and won a huge sum of money. The man offered a portion of his windfall for the construction of a a shrine under the Makka tree in front of Luang Phor’s kuti, where it remains to this day.


Consecration of Lersi Pu Suea Nang Chang Kow Khanad Hoi Kor

These amulets were crafted from 4 different materials:


Refer to the pictures below.

Pic: 4 different types of materials of Lersi Pu Suea, from 1st to 4th as mentioned above.

4,999 pieces were made in each material. Each piece is coded and serialized. The base of each amulets was stuffed with Din jed pong (termite mounds from 7 locations), and a small Rian made of red copper, named Rian Phor Pu Lersi Jiew, was inserted.


Pic: Rian Phor Pu Lersi Jiew inserted at the base (serial number for illustration purposes only)


Many different types of katha were chanted over the amulets during the consecration rituals. The materials used to make these amulets also included old batches of Luang Phor Kalong amulets, takrut, and metals from ancient statues found in Angkor Wat.


There were 4 blessing ceremonies:

  1. Phithi Wai Kru 2551 – Chan sorn Chan (taking place on a special Monday, accompanied by the full moon)
  2. Luang Phor Kalong blessed the amulets in isolation for 3 months in 2551
  3. Phithi Puttapisek, Tewa Pisek, on 19th april 2551 at Wat Suthat
    , Bangkok by;
  4. Phithi Jakkapat Puttapisek on 15th May 2551, Wat Suthat, Bangkok by:

Katha for Worship

Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Sammasamputtasa – Recite 3x

Namad Sittawa,

Id Sri Sitthi loga nathang Ahnoodtarang

Id Sri japan tanang sadtra ahang wanthami tang

Id Sri sitthi way sa

Recite 3x

(Khom spells, translation unavailable)

Another katha

Sitthi kidjang

Sitthi kammang

Sitthi kariya ta tahkuttoh

Sitthi taychochayo, nidjang

Sitthi lapo, nirantarang

Sappakammang prasittimay

Recite 1x

(Khom spells, unable to translate)

Method of worship:

Devotees of Lersi Pu Suea must offer prayers on Thursdays. They must do so at least once a month. These are the items required for the offering:

  • 5 sticks of incense, one pair of candles, one set of Mark Pru (rolled piper betel leaves and betel nuts), cigarettes, tea, fruits and desserts
Pic: Mark Pru (rolled piper betel leaves and betel nuts), cigarettes, lighter and flowers (Picture References:PIYAPHOTOGRAPHY/


Devotees who offer frequent prayers will have their wishes granted. They will be safe from harm, and experience boundless career advancement and opportunities. They will be blessed with good luck. The amulet also provides kongkrapan and klaew klard

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