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Parod SamRej (Parod Sai Far) , Luang Phor Leur SukPoonYo, Wat Pah NathamWaNahwad, Tambon Pah Rai, Ampur Don Tan, Changwat Muk Dahan

Parod SamRej (Parod Sai Far) , Luang Phor Leur SukPoonYo, Wat Pah NathamWaNahwad, Tambon Pah Rai, Ampur Don Tan, Changwat Muk Dahan

Parod SamRej

is made by Luang Phor Leur of Wat PahNathamWaNahwad, and it is a wicha unique to him. LP Leur is also known as “Phra Leur Pee Yan
”, which means “the monk who strikes fear in ghosts”.


Parod SamRej, can be roughly translated as “Mercury Amulet Which Brings Success”, and Sai Far means “lightning from the sky”. The name itself hints at this amulet’s ability to aid you in overcoming obstacles to your success, and the power (symbolized by lightning) to overcome evil.


Pic: Luang Phor Leur


Protective Purposes (Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions with your own discretion. The information provided is from categorical research and translation, and should never replace professional medical advice).


  1. Parod Sai Far
    can assist the owner in business by providing him with Metta Mahasaneh and Maha Larp (Larp means luck in speculative purposes, such as the lottery).
  2. It can also reduce and relieve the pain caused by the venom from snakebites and scorpions. In some cases, it has even been proven to neutralize poisons and venoms. To apply, place the Parod Sai Far into lime juice or clean water, and use it to wash the wound.
  3. For lessening the pain from burns and scalds. Place the amulet in water for 5 mins, and pour the consecrated water over the injured area.
  4. Exorcise spiritual possession and break hexes. In the event that you are hexed with a curse, or encounter instances of spiritual possession, place the amulet in water for 5 mins, and drink the water. In serious cases, you can swallow the amulet. This will expunge the hexes you might have unwittingly consumed. Vomiting after application is also a sign of possession. Once the amulet has passed out of your system, you may clean it with diluted lime juice, and re-use the amulet. Do not attempt to wash the amulet with soap or detergent, as it will cause a toxic chemical reaction that will be harmful should you decide to use the amulet orally again.
  5. If you swallow the amulet for any purpose, do not drink alcohol. Users are advised to let the amulet remain in their system for 5 days and 5 nights. Should it be discharged out of your system within that time, and signs of possession and hexes remain, you may swallow it again.
  6. To treat gastric discomfort, place the amulet in water, and then drink the water.
  7. For wounds and cuts, put the amulet in water and use the water to wash the injury.
  8. For alleviation of motion sickness, place the amulet in water for 5 minutes, and drink the water.
  9. Place the amulet in water for 5 minutes and drink the water to treat allergic reactions from food or animals’ bites etc.
  10. If you are recovering from a caesarian operation, you can swallow the amulet to speed up your recovery. Once the amulet is passed out of your system, wash it with lime juice.
  11. To test your food and drink for poison, place the Parod Sai Far into them. If the item changes colour, it indicates that it is laced with poison.
  12. It can help regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle, by the consumption of water consecrated with the amulet.
  13. For pimples, rashes or allergies, soak the amulet in lime juice for 5 minutes, then rub the amulet over the affected area.
Pic: Parod Sai Far with stainless steel case



Before you use the amulet, you must perform Khanha (meaning to pay respects and request permission for use). Refer to our articles on Katha Khanha to learn how to do this.

1. Place these items on a plate

a) 5 white candles (do not light them)

b) sticks of incense

c) Jasmine flowers

2. Light up 16 sticks of incense, one after another. Hold it together with 24 baht (or its equivalent in your currency)

3. Recite the Namassakara 3 times

Namo Tassa Pakawatoh Arahatoh Sammasambuddhasa – 3x
Recite Katha Khanha (please refer to article on Katha Khanha)

4. Think of Luang Phor Leur, and proceed to inform him of the details (see example below):
“My name is A, family name is B,
I was born on (day, month, year, time),
I live at (place of residence)
May I bring this amulet to help me as well as improve the situations in my life. Please help me and my family and (state what you want, eg wealth, protection etc).

5. Wait for the 16 sticks of incense to burn out before invoking the power of the amulet.

6. Donate the 24 baht to charity.

After Khanha

  1. Light 3 incense sticks and a pair of candles at your altar
  2. Think about LP Leur and pray to give thanks

Note: If you have an urgent need to use this amulet, and you have not performed Khanha, you may use it first while praying to LP Leur in your mind.

After the emergency is over, you may find an appropriate time to do Khanha.

This amulet is better used with lime juice. However, if you are unable to find any lime juice, water is a suitable substitute.

Do not consume alcohol if you have swallowed this amulet.

Do not put this amulet with all the other amulets as it will feed on their energy, rendering them useless after prolonged exposure. If you are wearing this, do not wear it with other amulets.

The information translated from temple pamphlet written by Phra Ajarn Putorn Woratammo

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