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Biography of Luang Pu Sood, Wat Kalong

Biography of Luang Pu Sood, Wat Kalong



The Biography of Luang Pu Sood, Wat Kalong


Luang Pu Sood

or Phrakru Samuttham Soonthorn (Sood Siritharo)
was a renowned monk at Wat Kalong
, Samutsakorn
province. He is one of the most famous Geji
amulet craftsmen in Thai history.


The master was born on May 7th, 1902 in Phanomphrai

district, Roi-Et
province, Thailand, during the reign of King Rama 5. He was the son of Mr. Mak
and Mrs. Onsri
(surnames were not commonplace in these days). His parents were humble farmers.


One of his more notorious titles was being the teacher of Thailand’s “Robin Hood”, Tee Yai

, a man who himself equal parts abhorred, feared, and respected. The amulets he had blessed Tee Yai with, would later be pressed into questionable but no less effective service, as near-mythical protection from law enforcement.


When Luang Phor was 16 years old, on 16 April, 1918, he was ordained as a novice monk at Wat Klang Phanomphrai, in Phanomphrai district, Roi-Et

province. Phrakru Mao
was his preceptor; and later, his revered master and teacher. Shortly after his ordainment, he traveled from Roi Et to Bangkok to learn the Dhamma.


From records, we can ascertain that he was ordained at Wat Kalong, Samutsakorn

province, as a full-fledged monk. In 1938, when he was 36 years old, he achieved the Naktam ChanAek
at Wat Kalong temple school.


Learning Wicha

In addition to pursuing the Dhamma, Luang Phu Sood also actively immersed himself in the study of the arcane arts and sorcery, learning and exchanging the sacred knowledge with many renowned masters on his travels, such as Luang Pu Mao at Wat Klang Phanomphrai

temple, who also ordained as a novice under him.


Luang Phu Sood also left indelible marks on the practice of sorcery, that reached far beyond his own creations. In the year 1941, Luang Pu Rung of Wat Tha Krabue

temple created his now-famous Rian Roon Raek
. Luang Pu Sood participated in Puttapisek
ceremony, personally assisting in their consecration. He also took part in Luang Pu Khong’s
(a very famous Thai monk in creating Takrut
) amulet consecration ceremonies at Wat Bang Kraphom


Luang Phu Sood would go on to personally participate in the consecration of over 100 amulets in his lifetime, in a slew of events ranging from the small and local, to as high-key, as the Pluksek Phra Kreung

, celebrating 25 centuries of Buddha’s teachings. This took place in the year 2500 B.E., and was the biggest, grandest Puttapisek ceremony of Phra Kreung in history, with staggering proportions. 108 of the most highly-regarded Geji Ajarn
participated in the consecration, chanting day and night for 3 consecutive days. As a member of the esteemed cohort, Luang Phu Sood lent his considerable spiritual prowess to the process and forever cemented his reputation as a master of the highest order.


The Miracle of Luang Pu Sood

On 14 August 14, 1983, Luang Pu Sood passed away, aged 81 years old, 3 months, and 8 days. It was a sorrowful event for his pupils, devotees, and anyone else who had been impacted by his immense orbit. On 1 December 2002, during his royal cremation ceremony, an incident occurred which would become national news. It was reported that Luang Pu Sood’s skeleton had stayed intact, despite all his flesh singing off. A fitting miracle, for a master who prided himself on being impervious to flame.

The acting abbot of Wat Kalong Temple, who was also Luang Phor Sood’s pupil, claimed to have constantly dreamt of his teacher during the 2 months leading up to the cremation ceremony (In Thailand, a body is kept for a period of time to allow for ample mourning). In his dreams, his master proclaimed that no one could possibly burn his body without his personal intervention. In order to successfully carry out the cremation, he instructed that flowers would have to be prepared as offerings, and then someone would have to hold his hand, in order for the flames to take him. On the day of cremation, the Ecclesiastical Provincial Governor of Samut Sakhon presided to light the funeral pyre, which mysteriously, refused to stay alight. The monk had dreamt about Luang Pu Sood’s message saw what transpired, and quickly ordered that the ceremony his teacher had asked for be carried out.

Corpses usually take around 2 hours to be completely consumed by flame. It was said, however, that with the use of ample amounts of fuel, constant flipping by the undertaker, and an extended period of time, nothing could do any damage to Luang Phor’s skeleton.

The miracle solidified the legend of Luang Pu Sood in the minds of the devotees and smallfolk, who attributed it to his successful completion of Wicha Kongkraphan Chatree

. They believed this to be the source of his superhuman imperviousness to fire.


In present-day, his body is interred in a glass coffin at the Wat Kalong temple, Samutsakorn province, readily accessible for devotees to pay their respects.


The Amulet by Luang Pu Sood

Luang Pu Sood has crafted many amulets, but the most popular and famous are Yant Takor

and Suea Phen
(refer to pic below). These were both sometimes incorporated into a single amulet. Many eyewitness accounts exist regarding the sanctity and spiritual power of his amulets, especially among his disciples. You may read more of these stories, in our other articles.


Rian Luang Pu Sood





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