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Secrets of using Kee Pheung / See Pheung effectively

Secrets of using Kee Pheung / See Pheung effectively

Kee Pheung

or See Pheung
is a cream, usually consisting of a mixture of beeswax and consecrated materials. This is usually applied to the lips of the user, allowing them to enchant a target. The target will find the user exceedingly attractive, charming and eloquent, and they will find themselves utterly convinced by the user’s every word. This is advantageous when participating in negotiations or going on sales missions.


The techniques below describe detailed specifics for the correct efficacy of each finger in the application of Kee Pheung. This is based on the belief that each finger emits a different bioelectric field.

Pic : Kee Pheung / See Pheung (lip balm)



1) If you are meeting someone whose position is more senior than you, use the thumb to apply Kee Pheung on your lips,

2) If you are meeting someone of the same generation and rank, a subordinate or someone younger, use your index finger,

3) If you are meeting a widow or someone older than you, use the middle finger,

4) If you are meeting youths who are in their twenties, use the ring finger,

5) If you are meeting ladies in their twenties, use your pinky.

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