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Namman Sorot – The Most Prestigious Love Potion from Ajarn Tuad Kwet of Wat Khao Or Lineage

Namman Sorot – The Most Prestigious Love Potion from Ajarn Tuad Kwet of Wat Khao Or Lineage

Ajarn Tuad Kwet

was renowned for his prodigious mastery of potions, his legacy of which he divided into 4 distinct classes; Divine/Deity class, Grandmaster/Teacher class, Mundane/Human class, and Substratum/Lower Line class. Each of these 4 classes of the potion, as a further 4 sub-classes. These 16 Saneh love potions could then be sub-categorised even further, into a total of 56 variants. All of them, however, are explained in excruciating detail in the master’s personal scrolls, inscribed in the fine penmanship that he was renowned for.


The 16 types of potion that we have identified in our research are:

Divine/Deity Class:

  • Namman Thep Nimit
  • Namman Thep Phirom
  • Namman Phrom Kamnurt
  • Namman Sorot Soot
    (Most prestigious)

Master/Teacher Class:

  • Namman Saneh Yokhi Lersi Nok Khet
  • Namman Thep Jinda
  • Namman Thep Ramchuan
  • Namman Kru Maha Saneh
    (Most Prestigious)

Mundane/Human Class:

  • Namman Noo Rak Maew
  • Namman Mon Saneh
  • Namman Chatree
  • Namman Roi Rak Chu
    (Most Prestigious)

Substratum/Lower Line Class:

  • Namman Sattaphotphrai
  • Namman Kama Deva Soot
    (Namman Kam Sam Glum
    (three types of Kama potion: Kamphop, Kamjit, Kamjon
    ) + Kamasoot
  • Namman Thiwa Ratree Loki Soot
  • Namman Phichai Kama Soot
    (Most Prestigious)
The potion inheritance from Ajarn Tuad Kwet
The potion inheritance from Ajarn Tuad Kwet

In this article, we will discuss the Namman Sorot Soot

potion, the most revered among the Divine class. Soot means formula and Namman Sorot potion in Wat Khao Or
comprises of two main formulas;  one for Saneh and another for Kongkrapan Chatree respectively. We will focus on Namman Sorot for Saneh, which is the ultimate potion for charm, and extremely famous even amongst the many other potions of Ajarn Tuad Kwet.


Many rare, auspicious, and complex materials are incorporated into this potion, with auspicious times chosen to undertake each complex, time-consuming step in the process of their crafting. The skills that are required cannot be replicated without immense knowledge and focus from a practitioner. Namman Sorot

is therefore considered to be the most prestigious among all potions and imbued with a near-immeasurable amount of spiritual power.


Materials Used In The Creation of Namman Sorot

Namman Sorot potion for Saneh requires a large amount of magical material, often of scarce and complicated provenance. Unfortunately, this also means that some elements of its creation are extremely secretive, and information surrounding them is scarce. In our research, however, we have strived to uncover as many of these secrets as possible, without relying on overt conjecture.

Powder of Yant Sorot Mongkon

, Yant Pathom Aksorn
, Yant Pathamang
, Yant Nopphakhror
, Yant Huajai
, Yant That See
, Yant Thep Chumnoom
, etc. A total of 16 types of powder are used.


Herb: 16 types of leaves, 16 types of roots, 16 types of flowers, 16 types of tubers, and 16 types of cores from plants, 108 mystic herbs, and more.

Water from hail, rainwater collected from the first rainfall of the calendar year, and from 3 ponds known for their inexplicable spiritual energy.

Honey from Eastern Honey Bee, Stingless Bee, all of which must have built nests in the “obstructive direction” of the sun (we believe that this means that this refers to nests that have not been exposed to sunlight in any way), 3 types of beeswax from 3 varieties of bee, and further 3 types of beeswax from 3 varieties of stingless bee.

Potion: 7 essential oils, “gold coconut” oil, or coconut oil derived from coconuts harvested from trees bearing a single fruit, sesame oil, olive oil, 3 types of wood oils, and a selection of others.

Gold coconut

All of these are examples of ingredients used to make Namman Sorot. It is said that there are a great many more ingredients stipulated in the scrolls, but no one wants to make them because of the complexity and immense difficulty involved with their procurement. Due to the rapid march of urbanization, many of the elements themselves, are impossible to obtain today.

Auspicious Timings for Pluksek

Namman Sorot is crafted over the course of 16 auspicious, but non-consecutive days. The full consecration includes 7 Amarittachok

, 4 full moons, 1 Chaiyachok
, 1 Sitthichok
, 1 Maha Sitthichok
, 1 lunar eclipse, and 1 Solar Eclipse. To complete the entire process, a practitioner may take a year or more.


Amarittachok, Chaiyachok, Sitthichok, Maha Sitthichok, are auspicious days in Brahmanism. These were based on astrological calculations made by Brahma himself.

Amarittachok stands head and shoulders above other auspicious days. It is particularly prized for facilitating good fortune and longevity. This most sacred of days ensures an obstacle-free, comfortable, and easy pursuit of a better life. It is also a particularly good day for weddings, and as such, is a popular date for joining couples in holy matrimony.

Chaiyachok, known as the day of victory. Any battles fought on this day, literal or metaphorical, will end in victory. It is therefore suitable for events that require fighting, competition, or warfare. Across history, entire armies have been moved double-step just to meet this auspicious day.

Sitthichok is a day of success that fulfils one’s wishes, or a day of good fortune, and good luck. It is an ideal day to begin work on short-term projects.

Maha Sitthichok is a day that ensures long, enduring success, with enormous amounts of good fortune. Suitable for all auspicious activities, especially good for long-term projects.


How to create Namman Sorot

Crafting the potion is a meticulous process, and the practitioner must observe codes of morality, and receive the 8 Buddhist precepts of morality before entering the tabernacle and beginning the process. The ceremonial tabernacle should be sealed off by a fence of consecrated flags. The wisdom of the angels, deities, and Teachers must be invoked throughout the process, and Monks and Brahmins are usually invited to chant and recite mantras while the potion is being brewed.

A small army of people is also involved in the process. 3 individuals born on a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday take on the job of stirring the potion. People who stoke the flame the flames must have been born on a Sunday. Firewood is retrieved to sustain the flame, by people born on a Monday. Virgins are responsible for mixing the requisite ingredients.

The wood paddles used for stirring are made from Chaiyapluek wood (Apple Blossom Tree), Phlapphla

wood (Microcos tomentosa Sm.), and Inthanin
wood (Lagerstroemia speciosa (L.) Pers.). The wood for the flame span 12 varieties of sacred wood. The pan must be made of brass or bronze. Holy Yant must be inscribed on all equipment used in the cooking ceremony.


The spells and rituals necessary to create the potion must be followed to a tee, according to the secretive formula prescribed in Ajarn Tuad Kwet’s scrolls, or the efficacy of the resulting potion will be diminished. During the ritual, extreme care must be taken not to spill any of the potions onto the fire, and careful manipulation of the fire and flame in accordance with the prescribed texts is mandatory, requiring a practitioner well-versed in the correct rituals.

Ritual picture from the event at Wat Khao Or Temple on March 28, 2020 (Picture Credit: Nomchadluek News)
Ritual picture from the event at Wat Khao Or Temple on March 28, 2020 (Picture Credit: Nomchadluek News)

The crafting of Namman Sorot in an excruciatingly exacting process, one was almost never undertaken in the modern world owing to the nearly-impossible task of aligning the proper elements required to create it. Many of the naturally-derived ingredients have also vanished in the modern world, making them difficult or impossible to obtain.  It is therefore not surprising that this type of potion is getting increasingly difficult to find. Our research, however, has revealed a minuscule selection of truly dedicated masters who have carried the flame of tradition, including Ajarn Sitthichai Honbandit

, the great-grandchild of Ajarn Tuad Kwet, and similarly, a student of Wat Khao Or Temple.
Ajarn Sitthichai Honbandit inscribes a talisman on the pan before cooking Namman Sorot.
Ajarn Sitthichai Honbandit inscribes a talisman on the pan before cooking Namman Sorot.


How to use Namman Sorot

The first step in the effective application of Nammon Sorot, involves prayer. Strong, unwavering prayer, focused upon the deities, Shiva, Narai (Narayana), Brahma, Phra Rattanatri

(Buddha, Dhamma, Monks), teachers, and Ajarn Tuad Kwet, the progenitor of the holy formula.


Following this intense spiritual dedication, simply make your wish, and it will be granted.

Some users may have worn other amulets and found them ineffective. This may be due to their dense spiritual aura. The concoction, however, remains equally viable for use by these individuals, as the repeated application is said to be able to pierce this spiritual veil and bestow the same potent effects. Namman Sorot from Ajarn Tuad Kwet is purported to resonate with intense charm and will draw people towards you, even without any prior application. Whoever possesses it will be loved by humans, gods, angels, and even animals. In ages past, people who possessed these charms were also considered by all to be of universally noble stature.

A lone drop of Namman Sorot, is known to dramatically increase the potency of any other potion. You may mix it with other potion, except those of dark sorcery nature, such as potion made of corpse oil.

Namman Sorot also excels at reversing or deterring Black Magic. This potion readily dissipates the ill effects of dark Saneh love spells. It is even capable of expelling the dark energies accumulated within the bodies of practitioners or collectors of dark magic involving human remains and malevolent spirits. Those who experienced backlash effects from using too necromancy stuff are recommended to use this to cleanse themselves.

Namman Sorot is also rumoured to make users appear more elegant. When used regularly, you are said to emanate an irresistible fragrance, and your skin will become supple and smooth. In addition to your youthful glow, your magnetic charm will also draw people towards you and make them do your bidding, without the accompanying ill-effects of Black Magic.

In some respects, your Namman Sorot will come to be your guardian angel, protecting you and enhancing your lives in invisible yet very tangible ways, and making all your wishes come true.

These are all the mysteries surrounding Namman Sorot that we have been unable to uncover thus far. This piece will be updated as more information becomes available. In the meantime, you can learn more about the colourful history of Ajarn Tuad Kwet, the master behind this mystical concoction.

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