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Waen Mekkhaphat – Alchemical Ring from Luang Phor Imm

Waen Mekkhaphat – Alchemical Ring from Luang Phor Imm



Waen Mekkhaphat – Alchemical Ring from Luang Phor Imm, Wat Hua Khao temple, Suphanburi province



What Is the Mekhaphat


Mekhaphat is a metal fashioned through arcane alchemical processes, that have been described in ancient Thai texts. It is strange, mystical material, that is believed to be a wellspring of spiritual power. Its main ingredients are Lead and Copper, but these are incorporated with several other obscure, powerful ingredients, through a complex process. During smelting, a dizzying array of dangerous, unstable materials such as sulfur and mercury, as well as herbs such as Plai Dam

(Zingiber ottensii Valeton), Hing Hai
(Crotalaria bracteata Roxb. ex DC.), Mai Mok Pha
(Holarrhena pubescens Wall. ex G.Don), Khing Dam
(black ginger), Krachai Dam
(Kaempferia parviflora), Sabu Dang
(Bellyache bush), and Sabu Luead
(Stephania pierrei Diels), are mixed into the crucible. High heat causes the ingredients to amalgamate, resulting in a shiny, sparkling, compound as black as a deep, moonless night.


It is popularly used in the creation of amulets. The Geji of ages past, hailing from such revered pedigrees as Phra Kru Patchimthitboriharn (Nak Chotiko), Wat Huai Chorakhe

temple, Phra Ajarn Thap, Wat Anongkharam
temple, Luang Phor Imm, Wat Hua Khao temple, and Luang Phor Dee, Wat Phra Roop
temple, were fond of incorporating this strange compound into their amulets.


Wean Mekhaphat by Luang Phor Imm, Wat Hua Khao temple


Wean Mekhaphat by Luang Phor Imm of Wat Hua Khao temple, are famous for rendering users invulnerable to weapons, as well as protecting them from venomous snakes, and enhancing their owner’s Metta



Luang Phor Imm’s Mekhaphat, are often mixed with Lek Lai

, a natural metal charm of spiritual origin, believed to melt when exposed to flame. His Mekhaphat is commonly perched atop rings and referred to as Lek Lai by the older community.



Luang Phor Imm crafted his Mekhaphat by following spells he obtained from an ancient grimoire. He personally selected the metals, and sacred herbs for the project, crafting them in a crucible and completing the requisite consecration ceremonies entirely on his own. He even fashioned sacred objects from the resulting compound himself, believing that this would serve to amplify the sanctity and effectiveness of the sacred amulets.

Wean Mekhaphat by Luang Phor Imm are many in several variants, but the Mekkhapat perched atop the rings is standard throughout. Some of the many styles of Wean Mekhaphat are pictured below”:


Some texts profess that one might decipher the state of their horoscope from the luster of their Wean Mekkaphat. A bright, dazzling color, indicates prosperity on your horizon. A dull or stained color, however, is a forebearer of bad tidings headed your way. Take special care to only clean your Mekhaphat with raindrops or pure water. You may also immerse it in water to consecrate the liquid, and use it to bless yourself and your surrounding area, in an attempt to stave off misfortune.

This holy water is called “Nammon Klab Duang

(which means holy water that reverses destinies) and it holds the same significance of a Mekhaphat changing from dull to bright.


Katha for the Rings

Tang Mae Thi Sa Ko,

Mang Su Lae So,

A Pa Na,

Su Su Pi,

A Thi Su Ko,

Mang Su Lae So,

Su Su Pi

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