What exactly are auras?

All living and non-living beings contain energy, and in the case of a human being, this energy field manifests as an aura. The aura is affected by our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy.

This field is in frequent flux due to the interaction between the external environment and us. It also gives an insight into our strengths, weaknesses, mental as well as emotional states.

What you will get?

In our Essential Package, you will get an aura report consisting of 23 pages that shows how your current aura and chakras are functioning.
It is like an energetic health check!

How is it done?

The machine we are using – The InnerSense Sensor reads your hand and instantly converts the data into gorgeous, easy-to-read visuals. Our software then uses the data to compose personalized data charts that cover a range of focal points, such as base aura colour. All these will be displayed live!

2 pages example of Aura Chakra Report

Our happy customers 🙂