About WikiWicca

WikiWicca started as a repository of Thai esoteric knowledge such as spells, rituals and amulets.

As we continue to expand upon spiritual knowledge research, we realized that spirituality is part of the universe, consisting of energies vibrating at different frequencies. We also realised that most people do not know how it feels like to be balanced and contented.

We were taught from young to take care of our physical body, but most of us were not educated on taking care of our energetic well-being.

Through our research, we hope to share simple as well as effective ways of protecting while maintaining our energetic health.


What Do We Want To Do?

  • To be a one stop trusted occult library
  • To share the results of our experiments and understanding, and aim to dispel any superstitions, myths and misconceptions
  • To educate people on how subtle energies influence our daily life
  • Spiritual diagnostic services

WikiWicca is born

WikiWicca started as a repository for amulet collectors and enthusiasts


We are social

Launched Facebook and Instagram


The linkage

Acquired a machine that could graphically show the relationships between energetic items and the human aura


Good things are meant to be shared

Launched aura services


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Support us on patreon if you love our contents!


Contact us

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